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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 37

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O’Dark 30 is KUT's wildly raucous adventure through the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 37 includes John Pierson's Master Class with Timur Bekmambetov...Alex Caldiero--Poet?...Noah's Ark...Haunted Cabin...Oakridge--A Work in Progress from State of the ReUnion...The Mikie Show #8 Tom..."Best Friends Seriously Forever" read by author Elizabeth Crane for Dime Stories...Bonjour Chanson Season 6 Episode 30...Keep Your Friends Close

Alex Caldiero- Poet?

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Scott Carrier stories series | 05:47

Profile of Utah poet/performer Alex Caldiero

Scott150_small When is a poet not a poet? And when should he just say he is? A profile of Alex Caldiero, who is a poet, a writer and a performance artist -- but thinks of himself as none of the above. Premiered on NPR Day to Day. (Also included: "Poetry Wanted here" (2:57), a poem by Alex.)

Noah's Ark

From Jay Allison | Part of the Animals and Other Stories series | 04:40

Thoughts of cattle at the moment of death

Noah's Ark
Jay Allison

Animals A strange blend of Beethoven and speculation about the thoughts of cattle at the moment of death. (caveat: contains some graphic description of the slaughtering process) (NOTE TO STATIONS: Be sure to frame this piece as "vintage," produced in the 1980s. While the content holds up fine, you need to note the fact that this story was made about 20 years old, so that you don't unintentionally mislead your listeners into thinking these are contemporary voices.)

Haunted Cabin

From Jake Warga | 19:52

Ever wonder what it would be like to spend the night in haunted cabin with a group of ghost hunters? No electricity, no phones, but lots of strange noises.

Haunted Cabin
Jake Warga

Cabinweb_small This story explores why people believe in ghosts and what they're really looking for.
A full documentary in the narrative style, a fun romp with a passionate group of people, some who believe, some who want to.

Aired: "This American Life"

Oakridge, OR: A Work in Progress

From Al Letson | Part of the State of the Re:Union: Season One series | 53:53

Back in the timber industry’s heyday, the small mill town of Oakridge, Oregon was thriving. Business was booming. Then in the early 1990s, the saws stopped. The mills shut down and their economies crumbled. State of the Re:Union surveys how a town that has lost its identity reinvents itself through recreation, community-building, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Sotru_profile-pic_01_small State of the Re:Union
Oakridge, OR: A Work in Progress

Host: Al Letson
Producer: Zak Rosen

DESCRIPTION: Back in the timber industry’s heyday, the small mill town of Oakridge, Oregon was thriving. Business was booming. Then in the early 1990s, the saws stopped. The mills shut down and their economies crumbled. State of the Re:Union surveys how a town that has lost its identity reinvents itself through recreation, community-building, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Incue: From PRX and WJCT...
Outcue: But first, this news.
NEWS HOLE: 1:00- 6:00
SEGMENT A (12:29)
Incue: From WJCT in Jacksonville, Florida...
Outcue: at stateofthereunion-dot-com (music tail)
A. HOW DID WE GET HERE: Today, Oakridge, Oregon is so depressed that the Union Pacific Railroad refuses to stop here; nearly 60 percent of the population consists of Medicaid recipients or is classi?ed as working poor with no insurance.  About one quarter of the town lives in single-width trailers.  For more than a decade, Oakridge has been a company town without a company. How did this happen, and how are the people of Oakridge dealing?

SEGMENT B (18:59)
Incue: You're listening to
Outcue: PRX-dot-ORG
A. HUNG OUT TO DRY: In the fall of 2009, Oakridge’s only coin operated laundry mat went out of business, leaving a lot of residents with no place to do their wash.  Some people were forced to take a 45-minute bus trip to the nearest Laundromat.  Others simply wore their clothes until they got so grimy and smelly, they’d throw them out, and go buy more clothes at the local thrift shop.  Then in December of last year, a reporter from an Oregon newspaper wrote a story about the situation, and a group of people banded together to figure out a solution.

B.ON THE HORIZON: Oakridge has been in a recession for the last 20+ years, and it continues today.  However, mountain biking could be the reason for the town's salvation.  Why mountain biking? How far along is that vision?   We'll talk to Randy Dreiling and Ben Beamer, two local biking advocates, about the viability of mountain biking as Oakridge's next big thing.

C. DEAR OAKRIDGE #1: If you’ve heard our show before, you know that we often ask residents of the place we’re reporting from to pen a letter to the place they call home.  This first Dear Oakridge letter comes to us from local artist, Sherri McDowell.?

SEGMENT C (18:59)
Incue: Welcome back to State of the Re:Union
Outcue: to bring them back together. (music tail)
A. UPTOWN, EVERYTHING'S WAITING FOR YOU: In the last few years, Oakridge has seen 9 new businesses open in its, "uptown" district. Brewers Union Local 180 is at the heart of revitilation effort, and aside from mountain biking, it’s what has really helped get things shaking.  The Pub proprietors, and other energetic business-owners nearby, see Oakridge on the precipice of a renaissance, and to make that happen, they're thinking hard about how community building mixed with entrepreneurial spirit can bring hope to this once thriving timber town.
B. DEAR OAKRIDGE #2: Oakridge resident Jill Silvey reflects on the 34 years she's spent in her beloved hometown.
C. REFLECTION: Al's reflects on his to Oakridge with a poem.

D. VOX: A montage of local voices, speaking to the community spirit of Oakridge.

Oakridge, OR: A Work in Progress is available on PRX without charge to all public radio stations, and may be aired an unlimited number of times prior to January 31, 2017. The program may be streamed live on station websites but not archived. Excerpting is permitted for promotional purposes only.

State of the Re:Union is presented by WJCT and distributed by PRX.  Major funding for the State of the Re:Union comes from CPB, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Delores Barr Weaver Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. 

Thanks for your consideration of State of the Re:Union with Al Letson. 


The Mikie Show #8 Tom

From Michael Carroll | Part of the The Mikie Show series | 28:00

Our guest is one of the greats in sound, Tom Clack. We talk about early days at BBC, MTV and traveling the world to record sounds. He performs the sound play in this episode, so you won't want to miss that. Meanie the Clown drops by, there's a sound quiz and Mikie tries some field recording of his own!

Meerkat_small We begin another fun-filled adventure. Thanks to Tom Clack, The Mikie Show is now being used as a teaching aid at SUNY Oneonta in New York. From the early radio days at the BBC to studios in New York City, Tom Clack shares the highlights of his career behind the scenes in television and radio programs and advertisements we all know. He has also travelled the world collecting sounds and is kind enough to use some from his private collection to perform our sound play this episode. Plus, Mikie himself goes out to record the sounds of insects in the wild. Ever wonder what it would be like to be the guy picking the prizes for a game show? Mikie does, too!

"Best Friends Seriously Forever" read by author Elizabeth Crane

From Amy Wallen | Part of the DimeStories series | 03:33

Two girls get attacked by an alligator

Best_friends_small When two young girls are attacked by an alligator they pledge life-long commitment to their friendship.

Bonjour Chanson Series 6, Episode 30

From Charles Spira | Part of the Bonjour Chanson Series 6 series | 24:39

Six French Language Artists each bring you one song. You'll learn about the Artists and the Songs in English and you'll listen to the song in French. You'll find it engaging and entertaining even if you do not know any French.

Picture_episode30 All human emotions can be found in French Popular Music.  The genre is more than a century old and has changed with the times.  We bring you classics from years ago as well as what plays in Paris, Montreal and Brussels today. In this episode you'll find:
Da Silva, (France), Le Carnaval
La grande Sophie, (France), Quelqu'un D'Autre
Albin de La Simone, (France), Parle-Moi
Olivia Ruiz, (France), Le Saule Pleureur
Volo, (France), Dimanche
Coralie Clement, (France, Ca Valait la Peine

Keep Your Friends Close

From The humble Farmer | :36

Chinese philosophy passed on to you by a Swede

Humbleoats_small The last original thought was probably published 2500 years ago.