What's Inside?

Caption: Host Bobby Wooten

America Learn Your History: What Happened Before Stonewall (52:00)
From: PRX

"America, Learn Your History" began as a popular Instagram series by composer and professor Bobby Wooten. Join us for our first radio special: Stonewall often gets credit for ...
Caption: The Whistleblower, Credit: The Ground Truth Project

The Whistleblower: Truth, Dissent and the Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg (58:58)
From: The GroundTruth Project

To mark the passing of Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers, the GroundTruth Project presents a special one hour program that traces the path of some 7000 documents from ...
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Food Fight (59:00)
From: Things That Go Boom

In this special from from Things That Go Boom, Inkstick Media, and PRX: Two stories about food, family, and the choices our government makes in our name.

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In this special from WQXR, six prominent artists share memories of Chanukah, and the music the holiday brings to mind. From soothing to surprising,...

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  • Added: Nov 06, 2023
  • Length: 58:00
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Caption: The Western Wind
Chanukkah In Story and Song Sung by the The Western Wind Narrated by Leonard Nimoy The acclaimed vocal sextet and the renowned actor present 25 ...

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  • Length: 57:48
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The Children's Hour plays holiday favorites including the kids' favorite story

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  • Added: Dec 16, 2019
  • Length: 58:00
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This Holiday, No Small Endeavor brings you four conversations to tee you up for a successful and meaningful time with family and friends. We hear f...

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Readings, stories and insights on the art of holidaying - regular people style. Classic episode (2021).

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  • Added: Dec 13, 2021
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Holiday Music Specials

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Caption: Mallorcan chanteuse Maria del Mar Bonet
Traditional Spanish and Catalan carols, a mass from Mallorca, and a Christmas Tableau by Joaquín Rodrigo.

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  • Added: Nov 27, 2023
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The latest addition to The Spanish Hour’s Christmas specials: selections from Stile Antico's "A Spanish Nativity"

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