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Caption: Church at Port Arthur, Credit: Jake Warga

Ghost Tour through former prison in Tasmania (02:23)
From: Jake Warga

A night time ghost hunt through Port Arthur, Tasmania
Caption: Lisle Snell at Island Fish Fry, Credit: jake Warga

Economic Storm Hits Norfolk Island (04:31)
From: Jake Warga

Norfolk Island, Australia, is a small rock in the middle of the South Pacific, but not immune to the global financial crisis.
Caption: Lockridge after IED explosion, Credit: Jake Warga

“Bohemian Rhapsody” Major James Lockridge (03:05)
From: Jake Warga

To Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Major James Lockridge tells us, “The United States Army can go anywhere at anytime or anyplace. I learned that during the first war. I ...
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Staff Sergeant Treen (03:12)
From: Jake Warga

Artist: Barbra Streisand Song: Send in the Clowns
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Specialist Kriegshauser (01:18)
From: Jake Warga

Techno: Anything with a beat just gets your heart pumping, and you’re ready to go for anything. I’m Specialist Kriegshauser – “Warhouse”.