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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 18

Compiled By: KUT

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It's Week 18 for O’Dark 30, KUT's exploration of the world of independent radio production. Every Sundays at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 18 includes Las Vegas...Local Celebrities Brush with the Law...Fake City, Real Dreams...Feminist Poets from New Letters on the Air...you know you're sick...Last Words from "Hopi High"...Chasing Love...Wu Man: Pipa Player...Kasper Hauser: Phone Call to the 14th Century...Samuel L. Jackson en francais...A Prohibition...For Ghosthunters the Paranormal...is Normal...The Japanese Basketball Trophy

Las Vegas

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Scott Carrier stories series | 06:58

The Night of the Living Gamblers.

Las Vegas
Hearing Voices

Scott150_small Up all night, in and out of the casinos, talking to the folk trying their luck. NOTE: this piece is part of The Plan- Gamble http://prx.org/pieces/7594 Aired: NPR All Things Considered 1989.

Fake City, Real Dreams

From Zak Rosen | 17:51

A fake city comes to life to prove that dialogue and ideas can transform a region.

Map1_small Neil Greenberg is always thinking about cities. Specifically, the way in which transit has the ability to bring people together, or pull them apart. He works days as a route scheduler for a Metro Detroit bus system. For the last 5 years, Neil has been creating his own metro region, one street name at a time. The map is drawn to scale and it's excruciatingly detailed. It takes up 17 huge poster boards that fit together like a big geographical puzzle. The maps focus a lot on transit. But Neil knows that that's just one of many layers to creating a viable and well-ran city. So he and I took his imagined world and brought into the real world we live in...Detroit. We talked to people in the city and suburbs working on other pressing issues like education, civic engagement, and jobs to fill project their vision for a better future onto the Neil's world. We also made some characters up. What follows is an audio rendering of a collective vision, of a city that could be real but isn't...at least not yet.

“Last Words” from Hopi High

From Youth Radio | 05:35

Most Hopi teens can’t fluently speak their language, and without it they cannot carry on Hopi traditions and culture. This puts Hopi teens in a tricky position – to either learn the Hopi language and preserve their ancient culture, or to abandon their culture and adopt a modern way of life.


Most Hopi teens can’t fluently speak their language, and without it they cannot carry on Hopi traditions and culture. This puts Hopi teens in a tricky position – to either learn the Hopi language and preserve their ancient culture, or to abandon their culture and adopt a modern way of life.

Chasing Love

From Miguel Macias | 59:46

A poetic and creative exploration of the notion of romantic love, and the way it drives lives and societies.

Chlove_small Chasing Love started as a meticulous look at the arrival and evolution of the idea of Romantic Love in Western society. But since the very beginning, I felt attracted by the connection that Octavio Paz establishes between capitalism and Romantic Love. During over 80 hours of interviews, I asked questions having to do with psychology, anthropology, biology, linguistics, history and philosophy. Chasing Love is a one-hour audio documentary that explores the ways late capitalism has affected and is affecting the idea of Romantic Love and consequently, the way relationships are handled and viewed in American society. In the three years it took to produce this documentary I explored the field of computer music, video art, radio drama and try to mix them all together. The results are contained in Chasing Love. Chasing Love proposes a way of conceiving a piece as a whole, where music is composed as the bits of interviews are blended together, where secrets are told behind words of narration. Where the producer is nowhere to be found and present in every second of it.

Wu Man - Pipa player

From Dmae Lo Roberts | 04:50

Famed pipa virtuoso Wu Man in her own words and her music

Pipa_small Wu Man is an internationally renowned pipa virtuoso and cited by the Los Angeles Times as 'the artist most responsible for bringing the pipa to the Western World.' Independent Producer Dmae Roberts produced this profile of Wu Man in her own words as she rehearses for a concert in Portland, OR. More Bio info: Born in Hangzhou, China, Wu Man studied with Lin, Shicheng, Kuang, Yuzhong, Chen, Zemin, and Liu, Dehai at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. She currently lives in Boston where she was selected as a Bunting Fellow at Redcliffe Institute of Harvard University. Wu Man was selected by Yo-Yo Ma as the winner of the City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protege Prize in music and communication. She is also the first artist from China to have performed at the White House with the noted cellist with whom she now performs in the Silk Road Project. Since moving to the USA, she has continued to champion new works and have inspired pipa literature from composers Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Lou Harrison, Tan Dun, Bright Sheng, Chen Yi, Zhou Long and many others.

Kasper Hauser: Phone Call to the 14th Century

From Jesse Thorn | Part of the Comedy From Kasper Hauser series | 04:58

Comedy Sketch from Kasper Hauser

Kasperhauser_small You all know the rules of the game: you get one phone call to impart as much knowledge as you can to the people of the 14th Century. The one who imparts the most walks away with the BIG one. Ready... phone call.... BEGIN!

Samuel L. Jackson en francais

From Sarah Elzas | 05:05

The French voice behind the image onscreen

Dubber_small The capital of the movie industry is Hollywood. Its language is English. But the rest of the world doesn't necessarily understand the language of that capital, and they don't always want to read subtitles. Enter: voiceover actors. France has one of the most advanced voiceover dubbing industries in the world. And when a Hollywood actor gets famous enough, he or she begins to be dubbed by the same person each time. This piece is a portrait of Thierry Desroses, the French voice of Samuel L. Jackson (among others).

A Prohibition

From Terin Mayer | 04:27

Three students reflect on what it means to be "Black" at Carleton College

A Prohibition
Terin Mayer

Terinandkayeen_small Originally curated for a temporary museum installation at Carleton College, "A Prohibition" is a poetic contemplation of campus race relations. What do you mean when you say the word "black"? Why can't you say the word "nigger"? Three African American students navigate the language of identity.