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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 01

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O'Dark 30 is an exploration of the world of independent radio production. A brand new program on KUT 90.5 Austin that debuts Sunday December 6th at midnight. Every week we plan to present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production We’ve got one rule… if it’s good, we’re gonna try to bring it to Austin.

Episode 1 of O'Dark 30 includes
The Penguin Goes a Courtin'...The Most German Day Ever...The Ring and I...Dog's Dreams...My Lobotomy...How To Be a Man (sort of)...Haunted Cabin...Physics for Poets...Women's First Sex Experiences

The Penguin Goes A Courtin'

From Jonathan Goldstein | 03:55

Two of literature's great umbrella travelers-- The Penguin and Mary Poppins-- have dinner together in Merry Old England.

Default-piece-image-0 Before The Penguin became best known as Batman's archenemy in Gotham City, he was a boozing dandy who lived in London. The Penguin's friends all thought that if he just met the right woman, he might be inclined to settle down and avert the disastrous, alcoholic path his life appeared to be taking. His friends held a dinner party at which he was introduced to a woman they believed would make a perfect mate for him-- a singing nanny named Poppins, who, like him, traveled about by umbrella. Everyone thought the two eccentrics would get on most splendidly. Everyone, of course, was wrong.

The Most German Day Ever

From Brendan Greeley | 13:07

Six hours in Krautsand, a German town of 200 souls that sponsors the World Championships of Lawnmower Racing and wishes to secede from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Lineupunprofessional_small In May of 2002, in Germany for a wedding, I spent a day at the World Championships of Lawn Mower racing, held each year on a quarter-mile dirt track with a view of the Elbe levee. Krautsand, which has secured a copyright for "The World Championships of Lawn Mower Racing," takes itself just seriously enough about its lawn mower races to get the joke. It also takes itself seriously enough to have petitioned the Queen of Sweden for protection in its bid for independence from Germany. Krautsanders hate taxes, love machinery and drink a good deal - in their way, they are the most German of Germans. The piece was featured as Transom's August 2003 show. It has aired once, on WYSO at Antioch College in Ohio.

The Ring and I: The Passion, The Myth, The Mania

From WNYC | 58:59

"The Ring and I" is a story about the love affair between hundreds of thousands of people and one, colossal, controversial and awe-inspiring piece of work, Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung.

Ring_small "It has great sex, fantastic music, a great storm, a big eruptive fire at the end...Who needs soap operas? Who needs reality TV, when you have this?" says Food & Opera writer Fred Plotkin. On the eve of the Metropolitan Opera's presentation of Wagner's seventeen-hour opus, WNYC, New York Public Radio, presents "The Ring and I: The Passion, The Myth, The Mania," an insightful, funny, and often surprising examination of the ways Wagner's Ring Cycle has inspired passion, impacted culture, and invited controversy over the last 125 years. Hosted by Jad Abumrad, "The Ring and I" asks what many of the uninitiated must wonder: "What's the big deal?". This journey, intended for both devoted fans and newcomers alike, visits with a diverse cast of characters who weigh in with their answers to this complex question, including interviews with film composer Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America), Metropolitan Opera tech director Joe Clark, Jungian psychologist Laurie Layton Schapira, Seattle Opera director Speight Jenkins, rock guitarist Gary Lucas, and many more. ------------------------ The Ring and I: The Myth, The Passion, The Mania Feed dates and times: 3.15.04 - Monday - 18:00 - 18:59 - A72.7 - Program ID: 04-000-0173 3.17.04 - Wednesday - 18:00 - 18:59 - A72.7 - Program ID: 04-000-0173 If you have questions, or want to confirm carriage, please contact Jacqueline Cincotta (646-829-4372 or jcincotta@wnyc.org) or Israel Smith (612.377.3256 or ismarketing@yahoo.com)

Dog's Dreams

From Jay Allison | Part of the Animals and Other Stories series | 07:42

The long relationship between man and dog

Dog's Dreams
Jay Allison

Animals Another vintage meditation on the long relationship between man and dog. What are our dreams about each other...and our nightmares? (NOTE TO STATIONS: Be sure to frame this piece as "vintage," produced in the 1980s. While the content holds up fine, you need to note the fact that this story was made about 20 years old, so that you don't unintentionally mislead your listeners into thinking these are contemporary voices.)

My Lobotomy

From Sound Portraits | 28:33

One man's quest to uncover the hidden story behind the lobotomy he received as a 12-year-old child.

Howardduring_small On January 17, 1946 a psychiatrist named Walter Freeman launched a radical new era in the treatment of mental illness in this country. On that day he performed the first-ever transorbital -- or "ice pick" -- lobotomy in his Washington, D.C. office. Freeman believed that mental illness was related to overactive emotions, and that by cutting the brain he cut away these feelings.  

Freeman was equal part physician and showman and became a barnstorming crusader for the procedure. Before his death in 1972, he performed ice pick lobotomies on no less than 2,500 patients in 23 states.

One of Freemen's youngest patients is a 56-year-old bus driver living in California. Over two years he has embarked on a quest to discover the story behind the procedure he received as a 12-year-old.

How to Be a Man...(sort of)

From Ryan Scammell | 10:00

Father & sons, the woods, and our feeble attempts at trying to figure out what it means to be a man.

Manly-men-724892_small A few years ago, my dad invited me to come out to his brother's house the day after Thanksgiving to chop wood.  How does a kid who's mom raised him to be gender-neutral figure out how to be a man?

Haunted Cabin

From Jake Warga | 19:52

Ever wonder what it would be like to spend the night in haunted cabin with a group of ghost hunters? No electricity, no phones, but lots of strange noises.

Haunted Cabin
Jake Warga

Cabinweb_small This story explores why people believe in ghosts and what they're really looking for.
A full documentary in the narrative style, a fun romp with a passionate group of people, some who believe, some who want to.

Aired: "This American Life"

Physics for Poets

From Lu Olkowski | 07:17

People often depict scientists as coldly rational. Physicist Michael Salamon takes issue with that. He explains how Walt Whitman misunderstood the beauty of the universe. And how Maxwell's Equations gave him his first "cerebral orgasm"

Andromeda_small People often depict scientists as eggheads who don't appreciate beauty. Physicist Michael Salamon, who works at NASA's Universe Division, takes issue with that. He references Walt Whitman's "When I heard the learn'd astronomer" from Leaves of Grass and argues that the poem perpetuates a myth of the scientist as a bookworm who doesn't appreciate beauty. He asserts that exactly the opposite is true: aesthetics have driven Michael's career as a scientist. And the careers of many scientists who he knows. In this piece, Michael helps the lay listener appreciate the absolute gorgeousness of complex equations and discoveries. First broadcast on PRI's Studio 360 on September 14, 2006.

Women's First Sex Experiences

From Mahi Palanisami | 28:35

Women talk about their 1st sexual encounter

Heart2_small Four women speak about their first sex experience. At the time of recording each woman was at a different stage in her life, the youngest being in college, the oldest being 30 years past college. They individually talk about the actual physical event, share their feelings before and after their experience, and offer advice to other women. This piece is safe to share with youth. It uses the words: orgasm, penius, and vagina from the health science perspective.