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Playlist: June -- Documentaries on Demand

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June -- Summer, school's out...D-Day remembrances. Documentaries are on your list. Here are our recommendations.

Prisoners of War: A Story of Four American Soldiers

From Vermont Folklife Center Media | 57:08

Four Vermont soldiers talk about life in German prison camps after their capture at the Battle of the Bulge, and the life-changing effects of this experience.

Powlg_small Prisoners of War tells the story of four World War Two veterans -Harrison Burney (84), William Busier (86), Cliff Austin (79), and Robert Norton (80) - all of whom were captured in the first days of the Battle of the Bulge and imprisoned for the remainder of the war. The hour-long program runs without narration, building its story by intercutting excerpts from extended field recordings with each of the men. It begins with the men remembering the chaos and confusion of the battle itself and moves quickly to each man's capture, interrogation, forced march, and transport by rail car to slave labor camps in Germany and Germany-controlled territory. The program focuses in detail on the fabric of daily life in these camps, particularly starvation, disease and the brutality of the German guards. It follows the men through their liberation, debriefing, repartriation, and reintegration into American society. And it chronicles their stuggle with the life-long aftereffects of trauma and the shame they felt for having surrendered.

Coming Home

From Outright Radio | Part of the Outright Radio Series 2001 series | 59:02

Coming Home features stories from the hearth of gay America

Orrlogo_small This award-winning show features stories from the hearth of gay Americans: Aimee Pomerleau's inside look at 2 gay dads raising a daughter adopted from a man who died of AIDS; Dmae Roberts' radio diary of a young lesbian in Seattle who returns home to her parents and faces her lesbianism and drug addictions; and Paul Peninger visits his ancestral homeland of Tulsa Oklahoma as an honorary, at-large member of the "Society of Displaced Gay Okies."

B-Side: Family and Dads

From B-Side Radio | Part of the B-Side: Cure for the Weekend Blues series | 53:59

On this edition of B-Side we're offering a little unsolicited advice, and some fatherly humor as we explore our relationships with people we're tied to by blood or common history.

Littlegolf_small First: B-Side's Tamara Keith and her brother Donovan head to a family fun center to play ski ball, air hockey, and talk about family. Then: Golf is the ultimate sport of dads. So in honor of Father's Day, B-Side's Tamara Keith went golfing with her father, husband and father-in-law. On this edition of the show, we bring you some of our favorite stories about dads. Liner Notes: "Ebert Whipple" Sarah Neal: Sarah's grandfather left behind a volume of messages - and listening to them has helped her understand a man she hardly knew before he died. "Esselen" John Peabody: This piece is about connecting with even more distant relatives. John Peabody introduces us to a woman who is learning the language of her ancestors. Baby Max" Sarah Baughn: Getting to the birth of baby Max too B-Side's Sarah Baugn on a surprising journey - where she had to deal with gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, and 5 weeks of bed rest before getting to the big day. Sarah takes us along for the ride. "1000 Postcards" Rene Gutel: Rene's dad wanted to keep in touch when she went away to college, so he sent her a postcard. And then another, and another, and another. "Vietdamned" Tamara Keith: Every family has its secrets. The things everyone knows about but no one talks about. For B-Side's Tamara Keith, a piece of fiction revealed one of these unspoken bits of family history. "Dad Humor" David Johns: Why do dads tell such bad jokes? Probably mostly because they can, because after all, they're the dad, and everyone else in the family pretty much has to listen. Or maybe there's some kind of evolutionary explanation for the dinner table ritual. Maybe telling bad jokes is a way for the breadwinner to ensure his kids don't get too comfortable feeding at the family trough. Whatever the reason, there's more than ample evidence to document the phenomenon. Here's B-Side contributor Dave Johns.

Johnny Cash: Amazing Grace

From Joyride Media | 59:05

One-hour radio documentary explores Johnny Cash's love for Gospel music, his roots in the church, and the stories behind his greatest Gospel recordings and performances.

Johnnycash_small When a young man named Johnny Cash tried to get his first record deal, he told Sam Philips of Sun Records that he was a Gospel Singer. Philips said, ?No Thanks,? but that didn?t stop Cash from recording and playing gospel songs. In time, Cash took his faith a lot further. He became a biblical scholar, a religious writer and even an ordained minister. In this one-hour radio special, we?re going to hear about the spiritual world of Johnny Cash from family and friends. Interview subjects include his son, John Carter Cash, musicians Marty Stuart and Larry Gatlin and biographers Patrick Carr and Dave Urbanski. Johnny Cash: Amazing Grace also contains more than a dozen of Cash?s best known gospel songs, including both traditional and original compositions. ?Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,? ?Here Was a Man,? How Great Thou Art? and many more works are featured alongside stories of how Cash was inspired to record these timeless spirituals. Length: 59:00 with two breaks for local spots. A 54:00 version with room for a news break is also available. Broadcast Window: Begins May 2007 Terms: Available to all US-based radio broadcasters at no cost Promotion: 0:30 promo spot included on CD Contacts: Andy Cahn, andy.cahn@sonybmg.com, 212-833-6279 Eric Molk, eric.molk@sonybmg.com, 212-833-5389