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Playlist: Life Stories - Families: Women and Children

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Life Stories - Families: Women and Children

From Jay Allison | Part of the The Life Stories Collection series | 59:04

Three stories of young women - Concerning Breakfast, The Trapeze Artist, Alone Like a Stone. One hour of a five-hour series of first-person portraits.

Lifestories These are public radio stories made over many years, by producer Jay Allison -- working together with Christina Egloff, and friends, colleagues, neighbors, strangers and whoever would take the loan of one of his tape recorders. They are are stories about life as we find it, and record it. HOST: Alex Chadwick In this hour: Concerning Breakfast (22:58) A story about eating, and not eating. About family, love, hospitals, beautiful music, and anorexia. Produced with Annie Cheney. My Daughter the Trapeze Artist (7:30) A father interviews his daughter while she's hanging upside-down on her trapeze, about to fly away. There must be a metaphor in there somewhere. Produced with Jon Carroll Alone Like a Stone in the New World (25:35) They're thinking about tearing down Margy?s grandmother?s house. Come to think of it, they seem to want to tear everything down. What we choose to save, and why. Produced with Margy Rochlin