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In So Many Words

From Teresa Goff | 19:30

A story about a father and daughter . It is about loss, hope and humility.

Teresa_steve_small In So Many Words is a 20-minute documentary that aired nationally on CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition on December 15, 2002. It is a moving story about a father and daughter, stroke, aphasia, loss, and hope. It informs people about aphasia: what it is, what it can steal away, the importance of a communication partner, and how the challenges presented by aphasia can lead to surprising personal growth. It effectively portrays one family's response to aphasia. In So Many Words promotes an understanding of the many dimensions of aphasia: the language impairment, the emotional impact on the stroke survivor and on family members, the need for communication partners who understand aphasia, and the importance of community-based programs to support the needs of people living with aphasia.

Necessary Losses

From Judah Bruce Leblang | 05:36

A short first person essay about losing my hearing

Default-piece-image-0 "Necessary Losses" is a first person commentary (with some humor built in) about losing most of the hearing in my left ear, suddenly, without warning. On a broader level, this essay is a reflection on the inevitability of aging, of growing into middle age, of the losses and physical changes that go along with life's passages--transitions many Baby Boomers are facing as they ease into the later phases of their lives.

We are the Canaries

From Briana O'Higgins | 08:13

A Chronic Illness multi-narrative

Default-piece-image-2 Historically, women with CFIDS have been denied, accused and abused - But maybe they have a message for all of us...

A Burden to be Well: Sisters and Brothers of the Mentally Ill

From Karen Brown | 29:30

Sound-rich documentary about the effect of mental illness on "well" siblings

Siblingpamandcarolyn_small The trauma of growing up with a mentally ill sister or brother is often overshadowed by the illness itself. But siblings on the sidelines of mental illness can suffer life-long consequences. This documentary explores their experiences, in the context of research on a "well sibling syndrome." It also features two intimate portraits: a mother caring for one young daughter with bipolar disorder, alongside two other children; and twin sisters -- one with schizophrenia, the other without. Winner of three national awards.

Stuffed Animals 1

From David Green | 02:23

Third Graders tell stories about their favorite stuffed animals and dolls.

L_s_cats_small Did you have a special stuffed animal when you were little? A group of third graders recorded recollections and stories about their own stuffed animals and dolls and wove them into a series of audio collages. Names, descriptions, stories as well as testaments of love and indifference were captured. From the cherished to the forgotten, from the magical to the mundane, from the serious to the silly, take a peek into a small part of the world as experienced and recounted by eight and nine-year olds. In this first of three audio collages, third graders entertain each other with tales of stuffed animals, revealing the important place such dolls hold in the lives of children as objects of both love and distraction.