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Playlist: Life Stories - Jobs: Teaching

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Life Stories - Jobs: Teaching ("Educating Esme')

From Jay Allison | Part of the The Life Stories Collection series | 59:03

The Diary of a First Year Teacher, "Educating Esme." One hour of a five-hour series of first-person portraits.

Lifestories These are public radio stories made over many years, by producer Jay Allison -- working together with Christina Egloff, and friends, colleagues, neighbors, strangers and whoever would take the loan of one of his tape recorders. They are are stories about life as we find it, and record it. HOST: Alex Chadwick In this hour: "Educating Esme" - A teacher's diary. During her first year teaching fifth grade in a Chicago public school, Esme kept a journal, from which this program is made. Produced with Esme Codell and WBEZ Chicago. ============= WEB RESOURCES: Here's link to the Amazon pages for the book which arose from this radio piece. Photos are available here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1565122798/qid=1069422332/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_2/002-2452291-4346418?v=glance&n=507846 The piece itself can be downloaded from Audible.com http://www.audible.com/adbl/store/CJProduct.jsp?productID=RT_JAYA_000002&AID=10273919&PID=1377218 Esme Codell has written other books since, like a guide Children's literature, all of which can be found at online bookstores, etc. Googling her name will turn up other stuff, like this interview from Teacher's net: http://teachers.net/archive/codell.html