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Playlist: Parenting Tips. . . By Kids

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Getting Raised (Hour long program with 5 or 3 min. newshole)

From KUOW | Part of the Curated Youth Radio Programs from KUOW and Generation PRX series | 55:00

Teens tell us what it's like to live with parents...or without them

070101raised_small Getting raised isn't easy. This hour, we hear stories from those who know. Teenagers explain how to deal with in-your-face parents, abusive parents, absent parents and becoming a parent when you're still in high school. KUOW and the Public Radio Exchange scoured the country for the best radio stories created by producers under twenty. One teen tells us about folks who won't let their kid eat watermelon unsupervised, because they're afraid she'll choke on the seeds. Another young woman got kicked out of her mom's house when she was only eleven years old. She had to raise herself fast, and on the streets. We'll also hear some juicy secrets (you know that bullet hole in the basement?), and eavesdrop on conversations it's hard to have, at any age. PRODUCER: Jenny Asarnow HOST: Jennol Jenkins with her mom, Deb Jenkins WEB PRODUCER: Jenna Montgomery PRX PRODUCTION HELP: Jones Franzel

Letter to My Mom: You Haven't Lost Me

From Curie Youth Radio | 02:21

A letter from daughter to mom about love, hope, and Chuck E. Cheese

Images_small Curie Youth Radio is a writing and radio production class at Curie High School on Chicago's Southwest side. Here, students create their own stories: fresh takes on everything from snowball fights to gang warfare. They see their stories as a way for teenagers in one Chicago high school to reach out to the rest of the world.

Parenting Pointers

From Radio Rookies | 06:22

Chico has some pointers for parents.

Chicolg_small Chico loves his parents, but thinks they can learn a few things about parenting - from him. Chico thinks since he's a teen, he knows how best to parent teens. Chico's come up with some pointers for parents, and explores them in his story.