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For over 70 years, Sailors of the Pearl Harbor attacks have been unidentifiable. The Defense POW/MIA accounting agency is part of the effort to ide...

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Caption: Women at the Tulle Lake War Relocation Camp, circa 1942. , Credit: Bob Bobster.
Two survivors of Japanese American internment describe how they went from being seen as model citizens to being seen as the enemy. In the story of ...

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Caption: American Troops Surrendering
The final segment describes the fall of Bataan and those who were able to escape to Corregidor Island. Interviews are with: Art Campbell, Ralph Lev...

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Caption: General Douglas MacArthur (left), Credit: MacArthur Memorial
The segment goes into detail about the departure of General Douglas MacArthur to Australia. The American-Filipino troops had to start a retreating ...

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Caption: Wounded Eating at Jungle Hospital on Bataan, Credit: National Archives
Segment Three Background Info: This segment goes into detail about how the food situation became so bad in the Philippines that the troops had to b...

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Caption: U.S.S. Canopus
This segment is about the Naval Ground Battalion that was created using sailors from the U.S.S. Canopus. The Imperial Japanese had started to land ...

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Caption: Philippines bombed by the Imperial Japanese
This segment begins with the attack on the Philippine Islands shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the beginning of the outbreak of the war...

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After Pearl Harbor, about 120,000 Japanese Americans were uprooted and forced to live for years in remote federal camps around the country. The uph...

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Caption: Pearl Harbor veteran Jim Peacock., Credit: Greg Latza,
Jim Peacock is one of only a few dozen U.S. veterans who witnessed both the beginning of World War II at Pearl Harbor and the war's end on deck the...

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Caption: Mara Kumagai Fink (right) interviewing her great aunt Matsue at Manzanar, the camp she was brought to in northern California.
Mara Kumagai Fink explores her family's experiences in the internment camps during WWII. Mara spent the summer interviewing family members and revi...

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Caption: Battleship Missouri Memorial, Credit: USS Missouri Memorial Association
The Battleship Missouri is best known as the site where World War II officially ended on Sept. 2, 1945. Veterans share tales about the ship, nickn...

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Caption: Norman Corwin with Katy Sewall, Credit: Katy Sewall
Norman Corwin is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest writer–director–producer's of radio's Golden Age. Radio educator, Tony Palermo, says that ...

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