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Caption: Philippines bombed by the Imperial Japanese

Part One-The Beginning of the End (06:43)
From: Jan Thompson

This segment begins with the attack on the Philippine Islands shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the beginning of the outbreak of the war the majority of the ...
Caption: Wounded Eating at Jungle Hospital on Bataan, Credit: National Archives

Part Three-New Protein Sources (05:27)
From: Jan Thompson

Segment Three Background Info: This segment goes into detail about how the food situation became so bad in the Philippines that the troops had to butcher the Horse Calvary ...
Caption: U.S.S. Canopus

Part Two-The Naval Battalion (07:05)
From: Jan Thompson

This segment is about the Naval Ground Battalion that was created using sailors from the U.S.S. Canopus. The Imperial Japanese had started to land at several locations along ...
Caption: General Douglas MacArthur (left), Credit: MacArthur Memorial

Part Four-The Escape of General MacArthur (06:54)
From: Jan Thompson

The segment goes into detail about the departure of General Douglas MacArthur to Australia. The American-Filipino troops had to start a retreating further down the Bataan ...
Caption: American Troops Surrendering

Part Five-The Night Before The Surrender (06:38)
From: Jan Thompson

The final segment describes the fall of Bataan and those who were able to escape to Corregidor Island. Interviews are with: Art Campbell, Ralph Levenberg, Nurse Eunice Tyler, ...