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Ghosts of Gary (19:14)
From: Robin Amer

The story of one abandoned movie theater is the story of this very post-industrial city. People haunt places, and places haunt people.
Caption: Women at the Tulle Lake War Relocation Camp, circa 1942. , Credit: Bob Bobster.

National Debt (20:30)
From: Robin Amer

Two survivors of Japanese American internment describe how they went from being seen as model citizens to being seen as the enemy. In the story of their fight for financial ...
Caption: Debt Ledger, Credit: Jenny Bauman

Make Love, Not Debt (13:25)
From: Robin Amer

"Him" and "Her" are an anonymous couple who used to have a LOT of debt. They write about getting out of it at their relationship finance blog, Make Love, Not Debt. In this ...