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Comment for "The Crucible" (deleted)

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Review of The Crucible (deleted)

This is an incredible adaptation of Miller's classic play. Everything about this production was expertly done. The staging, the sound effects, the acting...a masterful rendition.

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Review of The Most German Day Ever

I can't express enough how much I like this piece. It is probably one of the funniest radio pieces I've ever heard. The main premise is ride-on lawnmower racing, but the not-so-subtle subtext is Brendan's love for Germans, which shines through at every moment. {see pull quote} It thus nicely combines an expose on a strange/quirky/profile worthy town & event, and an endearing personal narrative. We care, because Brendan cares. There are strange little tricks in the writing, small non-sequitors, (including a constant update on how many beers they've had to drink), which alone are not significant but which make the piece that much more plesant to listen to. The sound includes grainy recordings made in Germany, Germans signing, and Brendan's well-read narration.

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Review of The Q train (deleted)

A short poetic narrative. the narrator sees a man on a train, and fantasizes about who he is, about caressing his cheek, etc., before the train jolts and brings him back into the present. the reading is strong, and conveys the longing expressed in the writing. it is a traditional sort of moment-in- time piece, but the homoerroticism makes it feel slightly edgy.