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Recent Pieces from Peter Crimmins

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Whatever Happened to Acid Rain? (32:16)
From: Distillations

It's complicated.
Caption: Adam Savage, Credit: Seth Shostak

Skeptic Check: Busting Myths with Adam Savage (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Can an opera singer’s voice really shatter glass? Can you give your car a rocket-assisted boost and survive the test drive? Now that the series has ended after a 16 year ...
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Bi-racial Identities (53:59)
From: Philosophy Talk

Is a person with one black parent and one white parent black? White? Neither? Both?
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Infertility - long version (48:40)
From: Phil Mariage

A generational discussion concerning the issues of infertility
Caption: Computer Talk Radio

Computer Talk Radio (March 26, 2011 - April 2, 2011) (54:03)
From: Benjamin Rockwell

Computer Talk Radio weekly broadcast for the week starting March 26, 2011. This weeks program covers choosing a printer, the latest computer news, social media and ...
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How To Destroy A Book (05:33)
From: Peter Crimmins

A San Francisco library book vandal evokes artistic reaction.
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The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds (08:20)
From: Peter Crimmins

The Beach Boys regain hip cred with Pet Sounds.
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Teatro Campesino (05:49)
From: Peter Crimmins

A brief history of farmworker's theater, told by Luis Valdez.
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The Dive (07:53)
From: Peter Crimmins

Family mourns skydiving death of father through art.
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Jerry Springer aria (07:02)
From: Peter Crimmins

"Jerry Springer-The Opera" challenges British indecency laws.