Tali Singer

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  • Username: talisinger
  • Associate Producer at Interfaith Voices
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Independent

Recent Pieces from Tali Singer

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Artland: A Pushing Boundaries Special (59:01)
From: Dmae Lo Roberts

Producer Dmae Roberts embarks on a one-hour exploration of what makes Portland, OR a creative haven for artists, performers, writers and media people. Artland: A Pushing ...
Caption: Devorah Spilman

I'm a Jew (06:34)
From: Tali Singer

Devorah Spilman tells the story of how she became an observant Jew.
Caption: Self-portrait, Geneva, 1912, Credit: Oregon Jewish Museum

Ernest Bloch: The Man and His Music (09:24)
From: Dmae Lo Roberts

Producer Tali Singer presents a feature on composer Ernest Bloch. Editor: Dmae Roberts
Caption: Dave Greenberg, Credit: marrydave.com

Searching for the Daughter of the Devil Himself, Searching for an Angel in White (07:55)
From: Tali Singer

Florist Dave Greenberg will pay $2500 to whoever finds him wife.
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I Didn't Know That (You Were a Muslim) (02:55)
From: Tali Singer

A portrait of how a recent college graduate came to Islam, and the story of what happened when her parents found out she'd converted. This piece was produced for the 2010 ...