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Caption: Paola Gueli is one of a dwindling number of tailors in Italy, a country renowned for its tailoring tradition. , Credit: Luigi Fraboni

Italian Tailors: An Age-Old Tradition Unravels (08:20)
From: Nancy Greenleese

Skilled tailoring is a dying art. Many of the best tailors hail from Italy where the tradition is unraveling due to a lack of training opportunities and the rise of ...
Caption: Italian Negar Azhar Azari makes a ring by hand in the centuries-old Florentine tradition.  , Credit: Maurizio Rufino

Italian Artisans: Shuttered Workshops in the Renaissance’s Birthplace (07:37)
From: Nancy Greenleese

Italian artisans craft exquisite objects with their hands, particularly in Florence. Yet aging artisans crippled by Italy’s bureaucracy aren’t able to train the next ...
Caption: Baker Salvatore Raccuglia rolls the bread as bakers have done for centuries in Sicily.   , Credit: Luigi Fraboni

Italian Bakers: Mafia Slicing Into Profits (06:09)
From: Nancy Greenleese

Italian breads and pastries are favorites among foodies. But Italian artisan bakeries are shutting down. Changing eating habits, the crisis and the Mafia are slicing into ...
Caption: Gelato served from a Carpigiani-made gelato truck at the Bologna fair in 1958, Credit: Gelato Museum

Gelato Museum (05:09)
From: Nancy Greenleese

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...gelato. The first museum dedicated to gelato has opened in Italy.
Caption: The Hartigan family’s journal is full of stamps and memories of their letterboxing outings in Virginia, Ireland, the Pacific Northwest and other destinations. , Credit: Nancy Greenleese

Letterboxing - Hide and seek for the young and not-so-young (04:29)
From: Nancy Greenleese

There is a breed of modern day treasure hunters who need the Internet, a knack for orienting and solving puzzles, and a sense of adventure. They will not find riches, but ...