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Caption: "Autos Katrina" are taken into Bolivia from Chile, Credit: Ruxandra guidi

Autos Katrina (03:39)
From: Ruxandra Guidi

Over the last 6 months, cars damaged by Hurricane Katrina and discarded by the U.S., have been ending up in Bolivia.
Caption: A farmer harvests coca leaves in Los Yungas, Bolivia, Credit: Roberto "Bear" Guerra

Coca Si! (10:39)
From: Ruxandra Guidi

The government of Bolivia would like it understood that it is not in the cocaine business. It's in the coca business.
Caption: Bolivian police seize a ton of cocaine, Credit: Roberto "Bear" Guerra

Cocaina No! (05:36)
From: Ruxandra Guidi

Bolivia's controversial "Coca Yes, Cocaine No" program" is designed to fight illegal cocaine production and trafficking, while allowing the cultivation of coca for legal purposes.
Caption: A Chavez supporter holds a sign during a rally in Caracas, Credit: Ruxandra Guidi

Bolivarian Slogans (09:43)
From: Ruxandra Guidi

In Venezuela, slogans are supposed to influence how the people feel about their president.
Caption: Women sell produce and used clothes at a street market in Lenbe, Haiti., Credit: Ruxandra Guidi

Haitian Bank for the Poor Rewards Advancement (03:12)
From: Ruxandra Guidi

The idea is simple: Haitian women take a small loan and commit to improving their family’s standard of living. The better they do, the more money they can borrow at no ...


Ruxandra is currently available for new projects, has a car, and is available to travel Internationally.


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