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Caption: The Girl From Empanada working it on a Friday night, Credit: Photo by Myleen Hollero

The Girl From Empanada (05:07)
From: Robynn Takayama

Street food is hot! But why are entrepreneurs turning to this option? For the owner of Chile Lindo, an empanada storefront, the answer is simple: it generates cash flow.
Caption: Bust of Harvey Milk

Making of the Harvey Milk Bust at City Hall (07:03)
From: Robynn Takayama

This segment offers a rare look at the sculpture in San Francisco's City Hall of civil rights leader and local hero, Harvey Milk; its sculptor; and its meaning to San ...
Caption: Charles Blackwell teaching at LightHouse for the Blind

Profile on Blind Artist, Charles Blackwell (03:03)
From: Robynn Takayama

Blind since a hiking accident in 1971, Charles Blackwell has not let his disability prevent him from becoming a vibrant visual artists. In this segment he talks about his ...