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Have Skills; Will Barter (05:03)
From: Stephanie Hughes

Want to learn French, or maybe how to compost, but don’t have the cash to take classes? A group of artists in New York is working to create a system where you can barter to ...
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Marketing the Irish Brand (05:02)
From: Stephanie Hughes

Ireland is one of the first countries to successfully promote itself abroad as a brand. But on St. Patrick's Day, a holiday famous in the US for its pub crawls and green ...
Caption: Signs from the set of the canceled television show "Rescue Me" are among the items on sale at Film Biz Recycling in New York City. , Credit: Stephanie Hughes

Old Props, Back in the Spotlight (02:59)
From: Stephanie Hughes

It takes a lot of stuff to create the glitz and glamour of "Sex and the City" or the police headquarters of "Law and Order." After wrap, many set pieces end up in the trash ...