Sarah Neal (Neal-Estes)

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  • Username: sneal
  • Director of American Student Radio, Indiana University School of Journalism Visiting Lecturer
  • Role: Station General Manager

Recent Pieces from Sarah Neal (Neal-Estes)

Caption: A mile marker along the Mason-Dixon Line., Credit: Tamara Keith

B-Side: Boundaries (54:28)
From: B-Side Radio

B-Side’s Rob Sachs and Tamara Keith venture out in the rain to try and find the historic Mason-Dixon Line. Along the way we hear about a pair of European villages that share ...
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Grandfather (07:23)
From: Sarah Neal (Neal-Estes)

This is a piece about an unexpected recording from the past. My grandfather taped hours of his thoughts for me when I was two - sitting in his self made "recording studio," ...
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Luck (04:04)
From: Sarah Neal (Neal-Estes)

There's bad luck, luck of the Irish, and the luckiest day of my life, when I was hit in the head with a truck.
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House of Cards (07:30)
From: Sarah Neal (Neal-Estes)

This is a rousing picture of first class obsession. In the 1990s, a group of loud, San Francisco Bay Area, twenty something college graduates became obsessed with bridge - ...
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Gay in the Heartland (10:35)
From: Sarah Neal (Neal-Estes)

A picture of gay America that is rarely portrayed by the media - one of gay Americans who choose to live in small, heartland towns.