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Recent Pieces from Chemda KATG

Caption: Myke Cole

The Iraq War (56:59)
From: Chemda KATG

Myke Cole talks about his 3 tours in Iraq and life after the war with PTSD.
Caption: Comedian H. Alan Scott

Laughing With Cancer (01:08:15)
From: Chemda KATG

Comedian and writer H. Alan Scott talks about being diagnosed with testicular cancer and going through chemotherapy while maintaining his career in comedy.
Caption: Owner of the Comedy Cellar in NYC, Noam Dworman

Owning The Comedy Cellar (01:11:24)
From: Chemda KATG

Noam Dworman, owner of popular club The Comedy Cellar, chats about booking comics, dealing with hecklers, managing pop-ins by renowned comedians, and more.
Caption: Mariah in the hospital with Leo.

Birth Mother (01:39:14)
From: Chemda KATG

Writer Mariah MacCarthy talks about placing her newborn with adoptive parents.