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Caption: Tom Truelove of Truelove Farms, Credit: Lindsay Rush

Farming Without Labels (10:44)
From: Shizue Roche Adachi

LEDE: “Organic,” “Locally-grown,” “Certified Humane,” “GMO-Free." We've all seen the labels stamped on packages of chicken breast at the grocery store or chalked onto signs ...
Caption: Jeremy instructing the student farm interns on the Yale farm., Credit: Elif Erez

An Education in Honest Living (03:57)
From: Shizue Roche Adachi

Jeremy Oldfield is the farm manager at Yale University's urban farm. After running away from the world of elite East Coast colleges for a farm in California that promised ...
Caption: Student Farm Manager Shizue RocheAdachi harvests broccoli on the Yale Farm, Credit: Elif Erez

Maybe, Someday Farmers: Voices of the Student Interns on the Yale Farm (08:42)
From: Shizue Roche Adachi

Student farm manager interns at the Yale farm straddle two worlds: one of academics and one of hands-on agriculture. But are these two worlds as divorced as they once ...
Caption: family photograph

Really, I'm Trying. (05:37)
From: Shizue Roche Adachi

A sister tries to reacquaint herself with her older brother during a cross country road trip only to realize it might not be so simple a task.
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A Lot of Damn Work (04:30)
From: Shizue Roche Adachi

Small-scale Wisconsin dairy farmer, Paul Buhr, shares his struggle to survive in a landscape of ever growing big farms.