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Caption: A tiny forest of hairless twisted moss, Credit: NPS photo by Neal Herbert

Tiny Forests in the Utah Desert (05:49)
From: Jennifer Jerrett

Like trees in a forest, biological soil crusts play a key role in the ecosystems in which they are found. Damages to these tiny organisms can have greater consequences than ...
Caption: 2012 Moab Pride Visibility March, Credit: Moab Pride

Small Town Pride (05:07)
From: Jennifer Jerrett

Red state, rural America isn't exactly the first place that pops into your mind when you think about pioneering LGBTQ pride movements.
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Beetbox Revival (04:43)
From: Jennifer Jerrett

There's a band on Cape Cod, Massachusetts reviving a music style that might surprise you.
Caption: Biological Technician Rick McIntyre, Credit: NPS / Neal Herbert

Winter Wolves (02:12)
From: Jennifer Jerrett

Some of the best howling of the season at Yellowstone National Park
Caption: Yellowstone Lake in winter, Credit: National Park Service

This Lake Can Sing! (01:52)
From: Jennifer Jerrett

The ethereal sounds of a rare, wintertime mystery in Yellowstone National Park