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  • Independent reporter and youth radio teacher
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Caption: The producer and her Grandmother, several years ago

It becomes more beautiful all the time (05:55)
From: Anne Hoffman

Virginia Mae Snyder lived alone in her house in West Virginia until she was 94. She suffered a drastic fall while gardening; a fall which forced her to give up her home and ...
Caption: Teenagers make Navajo tacos in Window Rock, Arizona., Credit: Anne Hoffman

Navajo Taco Adapted As The People Did (02:45)
From: Anne Hoffman

On the Navajo Nation, tacos lose the tortilla and take on fry bread. This summer, a group of teenagers visited a Navajo farm to learn the art of Navajo tacos.
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Hopi Tribe Shines a Light on Domestic Violence (03:50)
From: Anne Hoffman

The Hopi Nation in Northern Arizona is in the middle of what advocates call a domestic violence epidemic. But after years of secrecy, victims are starting to come forward.
Caption: Mikyhial Clarke at his high school in Wilmington, DE.

Teens of color process Baltimore protests (05:41)
From: Anne Hoffman

A series of police-related deaths of unarmed black men in the US has sparked protests against police brutality and racial discrimination. The latest marches in Baltimore ...
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The New Max (01:39)
From: Anne Hoffman

When 16 year-old Max Rakus set off to Germany right after his sophomore year of high school ended, he had no idea that the trip would change him forever. A voyage across the ...