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Recent Pieces from Guy Rathbun

Caption: Cab Calloway Orchestra

Jungle Music (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

No one truly knows when the term came into common use. The original intent was for it to be derogatory. Insult the band and the music by calling it “Jungle”. Reference the ...
Caption: Tiny Parham & Musicians

A Sobering Reality (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

It’s not that one brought about the other. Rather, it was a melding of many factors, and during that time, jazz became incredibly popular, as did social liberation. But, with ...
Caption: 1920s Snowmask

Material Influence (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Besides having the moniker of “The Roaring Twenties”, not everyone was partying. Creative minds were at a peak coming up with new inventions. Who needs to party? The U.S. ...
Caption: Thomas "Fats" Waller, Credit: CBS Studio

Connie's Inn, Harlem (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

The nightlife that blossomed in Chicago and New York in the teens and ‘20s are the thread that laced together audience and music. In earlier years, there was no radio. So, it ...
Caption: Winold Reiss

Literature and Art (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

“It was an age of miracles, it was an age of art, it was an age of excess, and it was an age of satire,” Those words come from F. Scott Fitzgerald that he wrote in his 1920s ...
Caption: Joe "King" Oliver

An Influencial Foursome (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

It was a lengthy journey from obscurity to international popularity. No one will say it was easy. But, with steadfast perseverance and endless creativity, jazz became ...
Caption: Bert Ambrose

European Dance Bands (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

As traditional jazz evolved through the 1920s, audiences in Europe began gravitating toward larger dance bands. Live performances at dance halls and hotels quickly became the ...
Caption: Hot Club of France

On the Continent (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Between 1917 and the early ’30s there is a transformative era for jazz in Europe. While the music gets a foothold in America, it quickly spreads across the Atlantic, ...
Caption: James P. Johnson

Blame Jazz (59:01)
From: Guy Rathbun

Jazz had to deal with a number of hurdles, in the 1920s, before it was eventually accepted by the American public. Even then, it was very limited acceptance.
Caption: Fess Williams

Boosting Morale (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

In the decade of the1920s, jazz evolves into the heartbeat of America. The music is the catapult into a new era around the world. Looking back, it is an astonishing evolution ...