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Caption: A big thunderhead rolls in from the West toward  Becky Hyde’s ranch. She says her father, also a rancher, would have called it a million dollar rain. But these days,  she says, it’d be more like a billion dollar rain., Credit: Jason Albert

Life of the Law #21 - Water Rights (15:59)
From: Life of the Law

When a serious drought hit just months after an Oregon court awarded senior water rights to the Klamath Tribes, the tribe made a ‘call’ for water. The call meant enough water ...
Caption: Wing sails on San Francisco Bay, Credit: Jason Albert

Sailing The High Seas 2.0 (06:41)
From: Jason Albert

90% of the world's goods are carried by cargo ships. And the oceans they sail on are streaming with wind: High tech wing sails used on America's Cup racing boats may help ...
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Life of the Law #03 - Two Sides of A River (16:17)
From: Life of the Law

The riverbank is a public space open for everyone. But people do not always agree on how to best spend a hot summer day.