Brian Bovenizer

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  • Username: Joeygoo
  • Operations Manager
  • Role: Station Technical Staff


Caption: Amit Peled + the Casals cello.

The Voice of the Casals Cello (59:00)
From: David Schulman

Time machine? Try this cello: The stories swirling around Pablo Casals's instrument — now almost 300 years old — are full of time-warp coincidence, and breathtaking music. ...
Caption: Julia Child, Credit: Christopher Hirscheimer

JULIA CHILD Presents "Lunch with M.F.K. Fisher" (28:23)
From: Leet and Litwin

A gift from the Julia Child Foundation. We hear Julia introducing her late friend, M.F.K. Fisher, who takes us out for a staggeringly gluttonous meal at a French roadside inn.
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Burning Man — Archiving the Ephemeral (18:58)
From: The Kitchen Sisters

A deep dive into the legendary Burning Man Archives. How do you archive an event when one of its driving principles is "leave no trace."
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From: The Kitchen Sisters

Folklorist and Professor Bill Ferris, a Grammy nominee this year for his "Voices of Mississippi" 3 CD Box set, has committed his life to documenting and expanding the study ...
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Prince and the Technician (23:17)
From: The Kitchen Sisters

In 1983 Prince hired LA sound technician, Susan Rogers, one of the few women in the industry, to move to Minneapolis and help upgrade his home recording studio as he began ...