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Full Moon Hacksaw #1729 (Hour 1 & 2) - 03-19-2020

From KRDP | Part of the Full Moon Hacksaw series | 01:59:58

Radio has been the go-to in any world crisis now for one hundred years. Emergency information notwithstanding, radio becomes important for humor, entertainment, music, any diversion to keep this old world going while it’s shut down. Our theme this week addresses much of this, beginning with a spirited arrangement of Sonny Stitt music by of all artists the USAF. It’s not always easy retaining the spirit of Fats Waller into later based styles for sure but we give pianist Benny Green his chance. Much need now is ESP, in our case by Duke Pearson. Next, up-tempo, no down-in-the-alley or crying-in-your beer blues, from Amos Milborn followed by T-Bone Walker…catch phrase: “Lookin forward to a better future forget about the past.” New releases as Organ quartet Guitar Elation jams Brazilian, not named for the delivery truck at your door so much lately, but rather “Amazonas.” Then old timey swing but new sung Callie Cardamon. Challenging big-band Afro-Cuban All Stars music is scrambled by time signature. For hour number two this week, new releases continue beginning with saxophonist Christopher Hollyday, then the stone-cold blues feature from the 1980s, Sonny Rhodes followed by Cash McCall. Vintage music comes from Cannonball Adderley with the relegated-to-home theme, then a focus on big band. First from Joe Henderson’s 1996 release, then a new release from Michael Zibler followed by the very earliest Thad Jones-Mel Lewis. Anita O’Day joins Cal Tjader with no-truer words delaying spring, pianist Kenny Barron decries what we need most, “Without Deception.” Finally the next in our late pianist McCoy Tyner tribute, a duet with violinist Stephane Grappelli of all people. Constantly re-inventing the tire, Hacksaw Jazz.


1775/1729 HR 1 03-19-20

USAF Rhythm in Blue Jazz Ensemble-The Eternal Triangle-title track-U. S. Air Force ’03

J.P. Torres-At Daybreak-Trombone Man-SONY Tropijazz ’95

Benny Green-Ain’t Misbehavin’-Green’s Blues-Telarc ’01 

Duke Pearson-ESP (Extrasensory Perception)-Wahoo-Blue Note ’64

Amos Milborn & his Chickenshackers-Birmingham Boogie-Southern Bred Vol. 6-Atomicat ’20

T Bone Walker & his Guitar-Inspiration Blues-Southern Bred Vol. 6-Atomicat ’20

Guitar Elation-Amazonas-Live at Green Lady Lounge-Jazz Daddy ’20

Callie Cardamon-Why Try to Change me Now-Jump for Joy-Primavera ’20

Juan DeMarcos Afro Cuban All Stars-Laura en el Paraiso-Absolutely Live II-DM Ahora ’17

2-min break music: Cal Tjader-Ran Can Can


1775/1729 HR 2

Christopher Hollyday-Text Tones-Dialogue-Jazzbeat ’20

Sonny Rhodes-Think-Just Blues-Evidence ’85

Cash McCall-Something Funny is Going On-No More Doggin’-Evidence ’83

Cannonball Adderley-You’d be So Nice to Come Home To-Jazz Masters 31-Verve ’55

Joe Henderson Big Band-Isotope-self-titled-Verve ’96

Michael Zilber-Joshua-East West Big Bands-Origin ’20

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band-Big Dipper-Opening Night-AlanGrant ’66

Anita O’Day and Cal Tjader-Spring will be a Little Late This Year-Time for 2-Jazz Heritage ’62

Kenny Barron/Dave Holland Trio featuring Jonathan Blake-Without Deception-title track-Dare2 ’20

Stephane Grappelli/McCoy Tyner-St. Louis Blues-One on One-Milestone ’90

2-min break music: Dave Pell’s Prez Conference-Jumpin’ at the Woodside 

Where It's At (Vol.14) ~ Covid-19 Edition

From Brian Aust | Part of the WoodWarbler's JazzGrass Radio Show series | 01:57:40

The continuing JazzGrass musical reflection of just what in carnation is going on out there in our coronavirus-transformed world.

200320_parulid_recording_studio3_small The continuing JazzGrass musical reflection of just what in carnation is going on out there in our coronavirus-transformed world.

PE 2013

From Stephen R Webb | Part of the Stuck in the Psychedelic Era series | 01:58:00

As balanced as it gets

PE 2013
Stephen R Webb

Crown_of_creation_small Each of this week's four segments has exactly eight songs. That's never happened before. It will probably never happen again. See http://thehermitrambles.blogspot.com/ for complete playlist.

Well... Part 1 (March 21, 2020)

From Rhythm & News Service | Part of the American Rhythm series | 01:57:58

This week's show focuses on a familiar theme found throughout a collections of songs stretching all the way back to 1895. The theme unveils itself as the show progresses. Need a hint? Well...you'll have to listen.

American-rhythm_300x300_small This week's show focuses on a familiar theme found throughout a collections of songs stretching all the way back to 1895. The theme unveils itself as the show progresses. Need a hint?  Well...you'll have to listen.

Full Moon Hacksaw #1883 (Hour 1 & 2) - 03/02/2023

From KRDP | Part of the Full Moon Hacksaw series | 02:00:01

We made it to jazz radio show # 2000, sure glad of that. It’s only taken 10, 20, 30 40 + years to do it, how much longer should we go? This episode from sponsor West Side Blues begins with Gene Harris and the Three Sounds from the Penthouse. One new release from Planet D Nonet for Duke Ellington and then it’s back to the latter’s triumph at Newport 1956, with un-intended stereo sound. Three more recent releases get spun from the all-lady Astara Project to Karl Silver’s trombone to the bass of Buster Williams as leader. To wrap hour # one, our temper tantrum is channeled thru Ray Anderson’s trombone freakout, bringing back memories of seeing this forward artist touring behind this very CD release back in the day. Our second hour of live celebration picks up with a trifecta in blues, Albert King, Ray Charles and James Cotton. Culture shock is achieved with our segue into NY vocalist and radio presenter Mary Foster Conklin presenting just the right mellow for early in the morning. Thelonious Monk performs his tribute to Bud Powell, and along for the audition is singer Jon Hendricks, unaware of being recorded, and receiving nothing but notoriety in the process. For genuine 17-piece big band we turn to Terry Gibbs from the vibraphone, and, oops, we almost forgot the request for Freddy King out of order. To preview Jazz Appreciation Month in April, we demonstrate a global attitude from Morocco provided by Jivko Petrov, then harken back to Black History Month in February with Anthony Branker & Imagine containing a profound, moving and appropriate commentary recitation by Ms. Alison Crockett. We conclude with one of the biggest projects by Miles Davis, backed by the Gil Evans Orchestra, Sketches of Spain. Takes care of our minds the moment before the world awakens to go mad, Hacksaw Jazz.


2000/1883 HR 1 03-02-23

Three Sounds-Night has a Thousand Eyes-Groovin’ Hard-Resonance ’66 ’16

Planet D Nonet-UMMG-Blues to Be There Salute to Duke Ellington-Eastlawn ’23

Duke Ellington-Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue-At Newport 1956 (Complete)-Columbia ’99

Duke Ellington-I Got it Bad-At Newport 1956 (Complete)-Columbia ’99

2-min break music: Kenny Burrell-Pent Up House

Asara Project-Little One-self-titled-Cellar ’22

Karl Silveira-Shimmy-A Porta Aperta-KarlSilveira ’22

Buster Williams Something More Sextet-Unalome-title track-Smoke Sessions ’23

Ray Anderson-Funkalific-Every One of Us Enja ’92


2000/1883 HR 2

Albert King-We All Wanna Boogie-New Orleans Heat-Tomato ’78

Ray Charles-Sinner's Prayer-title track-Atlantic ’57 ’20

James Cotton-Chicken Heads-Band High Energy-Buddha ’75

Mary Foster Conklin-Just a Little bit of Lovin’-These Precious Days-Mock Turtle ’23

Thelonious Monk-In Walked Bud-Underground-Columbia ’67

Terry Gibbs Dream Band-Summit Blues-Main Stem Vol. 4-Contemporary ’59 ’89

Freddie King-Going Down-Best Of-Shelter ’73

2-min break music: Toots Thielmans Svend Asmussen-The Spirit Feel 

Jivko Petrov Trio-Morocco Vibe-On The Way-JP Music ’23

Anthony Branker & Imagine-The Door of No Return-What Place can Be for Us?-Origin ’23

Miles Davis-Solea-Sketches of Spain-Columbia ’59

Phat Tracks (#262)

From KSDS | Part of the Phat Tracks with Gordon Goodwin series | 01:58:00

Grammy winning composer Gordon Goodwin presents Phat Tracks with Gordon Goodwin, a two-hour tour through a wide range of Jazz styles and concepts.

Phat Tracks (#262)

Phattracks240_small Gordon’s experience and musical understanding allow him to give his listeners rare look behind the curtain to see what makes this music so special. The show’s musical palette ranges from Swing to Latin to Funk to Orchestral, and occasionally includes spoken comments from the artists themselves.

The Retro Cocktail Hour #981

From Kansas Public Radio | Part of the The Retro Cocktail Hour series | 01:58:00

The Retro Cocktail Hour is a finger-snapping, hip-shaking blend of space age bachelor pad music, tiki tunes, private eye jazz and other incredibly strange music.


The music is served "shaken, not stirred" every week on The Retro Cocktail Hour.  Here you'll find vintage recordings from the dawn of the Hi-Fi Era - imaginative, light-hearted (and sometimes light headed) pop stylings designed to underscore everything from the backyard barbecue to the high-tech bachelor pad. 
Among the artists featured on The Retro Cocktail Hour are lounge legends like Frank Sinatra and Juan Esquivel; tiki gods Martin Denny and Les Baxter; swinging cocktail combos featuring The Three Suns and Jack "Mr. Bongo" Costanzo; and mambo king Perez Prado.  The series also spotlights up and coming lounge/exotica artists, including Waitiki, Ixtahuele, the Tikiyaki Orchestra, Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack, the Voodoo Organist and many more.
Each hour of the show is discrete and can be used in a variety of ways - a weekly two-hour show; a weekly one-hour show; or twice weekly one-hour shows.  Custom promos and fundraising pitches available on request.
Join host Darrell Brogdon at the underground martini bunker for the sounds of space age pop and incredibly strange music!

PE 2310

From Stephen R Webb | Part of the Stuck in the Psychedelic Era series | 01:58:00

Producer's Indulgence.

PE 2310
Stephen R Webb

Soft_machine_small This week's show starts off with a Beatles set and includes an Advanced Psych segment consisting entirely of tracks recorded at a certain independent Albuquerque, New Mexico studio that no longer exists. The rest of the show isn't quite so self-indulgent. See https://thehermitrambles.blogspot.com/ for complete playlist.