Producer Resources

About PRX Producers

Both aspiring and established producers are welcome to distribute their work on PRX. When you join PRX, you become a part of a growing social network of public radio listeners, stations, and other producers.

Producers can upload their pieces directly to the site, where stations can listen to them and license them to play on the air. No more burning and mailing CDs to stations and hoping for a response. PRX makes it easy to do everything online, and a paid membership will get you royalties if stations buy your pieces. We are also non-exclusive, meaning you are free to distribute your work through other outlets, too.

A PRX account connects you with public radio colleagues throughout the world. Our new search tool allows you to search for people's skills, availability, equipment, and more. Need to find a friendly reporter nearby or someone who owns a DAT recorder? We help you make those connections. And, you can give valuable feedback to fellow producers by commenting on pieces throughout the site.

Joining PRX 

PRX welcomes both individual producers and producer groups to sell their work on PRX.

Individual Producers

1. Cost

When you sign for an account on PRX, you automatically get two hours of audio space for free. We also have paid producer memberships:

  Free Account Paid Membership
Cost Free $50/year
Audio Space 2 hours Unlimited!
Royalties Nope Yes!

2. Signing Up
Create an account! After you log in for the first time you will see Create a piece on the home page.

To get unlimited space and to receive royalties if your pieces are purchased, you can upgrade through PayPal any time under My PRX.


Producer Groups

A producer group is a group of two or more producers (for example: two producers working on a music series, a non-profit with a new documentary, a weekly national show, etc.). 

When a producer group joins PRX, each person in the group gets his/her own account that is linked to the group profile. That way, each person can become part of the PRX community and the group gets its own profile and catalog of pieces. Plus, each group has one or more admins who can adjust privileges for each member (e.g., if you have an intern who would love to be a part of the group on PRX but who you don't want to be able edit your piece pages, you could limit that).

1. Cost

  Free Account Paid Membership
Cost Free Sliding scale. See chart.
Audio Space 2 hours Unlimited!
Royalties Nope Heck yes!

Producer group rates: 

Budget Size Annual PRX Membership
Below $49,999    $50
$50,000 - $149,999    $120
$150,000 - $299,999    $150
$300,000 - $449,999    $200
$450,000 - $1 Mil    $500
$1 Mil+    $1,000

2. Signing Up and Creating the Group
The admin of the group should sign up on our home page for an individual account (each person in the group logs in with his or her own username). Then, the admin can:

  1. Log in and go to My PRX.
  2. Scroll down and click Create New Group under Account.
  3. Fill out all the info.

To get unlimited space and to receive royalties if your pieces are purchased, you can upgrade through PayPal any time under My PRX.

3. Adding Producers to the Group
Each person who wants to be a part of the group needs to sign up on our home page. Then there are two ways to get him or her into the group account:

A. Once logged in, he/she can go to the group profile and click Request to join group staff.

The admin will receive an email for each person requesting to join the group account. Just follow the link in the email to approve.


B. The group admin can log into PRX and go to My PRX > Choose the group under Choose Account > Manage Members to add people.

4. Choosing a Default Account
PRX will automatically take you to your individual account upon logging in. To make a group account your default account, go to My PRX and choose Manage Accounts.