Outside Purchasers: Another Distribution Option

PRX helps producers offer their programs to other buyers, services, and distribution channels beyond public radio stations. We call these outside purchasers.

We don't just assume you want to offer your work to everyone, so we've created a way for you to review and opt in to these opportunities en masse or on a case-by-case basis. Each outside purchaser sets their own terms and royalties that you review to decide whether or not to opt in.

Who They Are 

PRX outside purchasers are a growing list of distributors, services, and shows. These include:

PRX selects outside purchasers based on what we think are good opportunities for producers (feel free to make recommendations), but in the end, the agreement is between you and them. That's why we encourage you to review the terms closely before opting in. If you prefer to let any current or future outside purchaser buy your work without having to ask permission first, we do make that option available.

Outside Purchaser Preferences is the key page for all of this. We encourage you to visit this page regularly.

Here's how the opt-in process works:

Giving Permission to Outside Purchasers 

Option 1: Do nothing. If an outside purchaser wants your piece, you'll get an opt-in request with instructions for accepting or declining the request.

Option 2: Manage your opt-ins in advance. Maybe you don't want to get a bunch of opt-in requests (should you be so lucky!). Maybe you prefer to have outside purchasers to buy the piece if they want it, and you get a notice when that happens. No problem.

  1. Go to My PRX and click Outside Purchaser Preferences.
  2. Manage your opt-ins 1) by outside purchaser, 2) by piece, or 3) by choosing to opt-in by default for all pieces to all outside purchasers. Click Save in the appropriate section of the page.

The "Opt-in by default" option is kind of a big deal. It means you allow all current and future outside purchasers to buy all of your current and future pieces on PRX without first asking permission. We offer this because it streamlines things considerably. You'll be notified once a purchase is made.

Note: Outside purchasers are added and removed somewhat regularly. We strongly encourage you to check in from time to time to see what's new and make sure your preferences are up to date.

Option 3: Manage opt-ins at the time you create a piece.

  1. In Create Piece, on the Licensing tab, you'll see a section called Outside Purchaser Licensing Options.
  2. Review the terms for each outside purchaser. We've calculated how much you'd get paid if each outside purchaser buys your piece.
  3. Check the box next to each purchaser you'd like to give advance permission to purchase that piece.
  4. Click Save and Continue to preview your piece or Save and Exit to come back and finish later. Either way, your opt-in choices will be saved.

If you have any questions, contact us.