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Memorial Day is May 25th this year.
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In this special from from Things That Go Boom, Inkstick Media, and PRX: Two stories about food, family, and the choices our government makes in our...

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Caption: Ken Porwoll, Proud Veteran, Credit: Brainerd Dispatch (Brainerd, MN)
Veteran Ken Porwoll’s story recounts his inhumane treatment & riveting story of survival as one of 10,000 American & roughly 50,000 Filipino soldie...

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After a three-year legal battle, The Post obtained hundreds of records of candid interviews assessing the war in Afghanistan and its failures. PR...

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Caption: Some of Delta 187 Rakassans
We've Never Been The Same: A War Story is the story of one night of battle and the decades of recovery that followed. Produced by Adam Piore and Ja...

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Caption: Alan Seeger - Soldier, Diarist & Poet
From the trenches of The Great War, Alan Seeger's poems, letters and diaries spring to life in the voices of Cathedral Choir of St. John the Divine...

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Caption: German POW Otto Schwingel and Linda Anderson on Anderson's farm near Florence, S.C., Credit: courtesy of Ingebourg Schwingel
During World War II, some 400,000 captured German soldiers were shipped across the Atlantic to prison camps dotted across the U.S. Suddenly the ene...

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Caption: Proposed Mothers' Memorial by John Geddes, 1922-30, Credit: (Library of Congress).
This is a country awash in monuments. They adorn traffic circles, street corners and, of course, the National Mall. In this special Memorial Day ep...

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For Memorial Day, the voices of veterans remembering their comrades.

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A new perspective on the often-overlooked story of the Marines who fought in the brutal Pacific Campaign of World War II.

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Tom Brokaw and others discuss War Memorials, Veterans, Vietnam and Wars.

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The final year of World War II in the Pacific, told by men who came back and kept silent about the harrowing ordeal that changed their lives.

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This Veterans' Day program pays tribute to America's fighting men and women through first-hand accounts of battle, as well as music and poetry that...

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For Memorial Day —a portrait of life on the homefront during World War II featuring 4 women’s stories, rare home recorded letters sent overseas to ...

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Professional soldiers in Fort Benning, Georgia talk of the challenges facing themselves and their families as they prepare to go to war. Produced ...

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Caption: Bracelets of Grace: The Vietnam War Story of Major Stanley Horne
It's been 40 years since the very first POW-MIA bracelet was made and distributed. The iconic bracelets had a humble beginning at the height of th...

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Award-winning documentary from Lost & Found Sound, produced by Christina Egloff with Jay Allison

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Take a look at this picture. Maybe you can figure out that the Civil War soldier on the right is a woman. But the guy sitting next to her sure coul...

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Caption: Tiffany stained glass window inside Blanford Church.
Memorial Day, a national holiday of remembrance, was first celebrated south of the Mason/Dixon line in Petersburg, Virginia at Blandford Church Cem...

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A man tries to repatriate the bones of a Viet Cong soldier that his father took from the jungle, 35 years earlier.

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Caption: U.S. Military service members are represented by white headstones for the men that lost their lives during World War II at the American Cemetery, Normandy, France; June 2, 2015. This is the 71st Anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy remembering th, Credit: (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Austin Berner/Released)
A paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, one of the most highly decorated divisions in the U.S. Army, didn’t understand what it meant to be air...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
Weeks after S. Spencer Scott interviewed Lavinia Gelineau about the loss of her husband Chris, a young soldier who was killed in Iraq, Lavinia hers...

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Caption: Dustin Millado, a veteran who worked in the Army Criminal Investigation Division, is now a digital forensic examiner for Stop Soldier Suicide’s Black Box Project., Credit: Jay Price / American Homefront
The project is using artificial intelligence to analyze data from smartphones, laptops, and other devices of people who take their own lives.

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A non-narrated portrait of a small group of Civil War buffs re-dedicating a Union veteran's grave in Oregon and reflecting on when our nation, as w...

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It is not only the people from away who ask silly questions

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