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Comment for "11 Central Ave. #2"

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Review of 11 Central Ave. #2

I've known about 11 Central Ave. since the latter part of its development process and I have to say... I really like it. I think stations could use something different-sounding and surprising in the morning and I think "11 Central Ave." could be that thing. It's the perfect segment for a Friday Morning Edition C-segment to snap listeners to and to usher them from the bottom of the hour newscast to the rest of the hour's news. It's funny without being slapsticky or obvious and I imagine a lot of listeners will be able to identify with the characters. Take a chance. Give it a try and see how your listeners react.

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Review of Grey Ghost

"Grey Ghost" reminds me why all those old "what public radio is good at" cliches were coined in the first place. It takes you to a place you've never been, to learn about something you might not think would interest you at first, but ends up fascinating you. It is 100% tape - just the voices of the people whom the story's about - voices you probably wouldn't hear otherwise. It's exotic, arresting, engrossing, maddening, dream-like and gorgeous. It is also so meticulously and creatively edited that the producer completely disappears. The program seems to just unfold organically, relentlessly even, as if of its own volition.

At bottom, though, what really counts is that "Grey Ghost" is just a damn good yarn, the audio version of a page turner in which an obsession becomes its own brand of religion.

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Review of God is Talking to Me

This piece is just stunning, very surprising both in its production and its narrative. I don't think I've ever heard anything like it. There are shades of Joe Frank but that's pretty much the only comparison I can draw. Like Chelsea I don't want to spoil anything. Essentially, if you want your listeners to experience a serious "driveway moment" I can't recommend "God Is Talking To Me" more highly. I practically had a driveway moment myself and I was listening to it here at my desk.