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Recent Pieces from Philip Nusbaum

Caption: Jug Sluggers, Credit: Lisa Friedlander

Jug Sluggers Bring Acoustic Eclecticism to Dunn Brothers in St Paul this Friday Night (08:00)
From: KBEM

The Jug Sluggers. This eclectic acoustic trio has been singing and playing together for decades. The group plays this Friday at 7PM at Dun Brothers on Grand in Saint Paul. ...
Caption: Anthony Ihrig and Eric Christopher, Credit: Anthony Ihrig

Eric Christopher and Anthony Ihrig Present their New Duet in Excelsior the Night Before Thanksgiving (07:59)
From: KBEM

Eric Christopher the fiddler and Anthony ihrig on the banjo, members of the High 48s for about a dozen years. You can catch the act Wed November 27 at 8PM at Café 318 is ...
Caption: Lynn O'brien, Credit: Tera Girardin

Lynn O’Brien Songs Reflect the Current Scene (07:59)
From: KBEM

Lynn O’brien is a songwriter who gets inspiration from what is going on around her. She packs in her songs with messages into all her shows. During a conversation with Phil ...
Caption: The Jorgensens, Credit: Jim Vasquez and Meredith Fierke

The Jorgensens Celebrate the New Orleans Music Legacy in their Brand of Americana (08:00)
From: KBEM

Brianna and Kurt are MNs who are enchanted with New Orleans. It is because of that city’s unique sensory experiences. You really hear it in the Jorgensen’s newest CD, The ...
Caption: Jon de Vaal, Credit: Jennifer Russell

Pianist Jon de Vaal Focuses on the Audience (08:00)
From: KBEM

Jon de Vaal plays solo, and in a trio, and sometimes with a singer. But most of his work is as a background pianist. But people often tell Jon that his piano music was more ...
Caption: The Sweet Colleens, Credit: Stephen Iwaskewicz

The Sweet Colleens Rock it Up at Kieran’s in Minneapolis This Saturday (08:00)
From: KBEM

The Sweet Colleens has been playing around the Twin Cities since 1999. That’s when Jeremy Greenhouse arrived from his hometown of Conostogo, Ontario, and he and a friend ...
Caption: Mark Arneson, Credit: Deb Moe

Mark Arneson Band Promises Tons of Fun at the Minnesota Music Cafe in St Paul, Thursday June 6 at... (07:59)
From: KBEM

The Mark Arneson Band featuring Mia Dorr holds down the stage at the Minnesota music Cafe, 8-11 PM Wednesday February 6. To Mark, having fun is the name of the game, and you ...
Caption: Jazz 88 logo, Credit: Tim Nyberg (Octane Creative)

Jo Kellen Performs Out of the Box Songs Saturday Night at the Kitty Kat Club in Minneapolis (08:00)
From: KBEM

Jo Kellen is a local singer, songwriter and performance artist who was commissioned to create new work by the Jerome Foundation and the Cedar Cultural Center. Jo performs a ...
Caption: Hula Peppers, Credit: Elizabeth Rowan

The Hula Peppers’ Zany Blend of Old Music Styles Comes to the Schooner in Minneapolis (07:59)
From: KBEM

The Hula Peppers plays music from a mix of traditions, and all of it predates 1939. Catch the group at the Schooner Tavern in south Minneapolis, Wednesday April 10 at 7:30. ...
Caption: Reuben Ristrom, Credit: Travis Anderson

Reuben and Dan Ristrom, Father-Son Duet Presents Great American Songbook (08:00)
From: KBEM

Reuben and Dan Ristrom form a father-son act featuring great songs from the Great American Songbook. Phil Nusbaum caught up with Reuben a short time ago and asked how his ...