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Caption: 'This is Spinal Tap,' 'Purple Rain,' 'Stop Making Sense'

Filmspotting REVISITED (08/07/20): Rock Movies - Purple Rain / Spinal Tap / Stop Making Sense (54:00)
From: WBEZ

"Purple Rain" was one of the highest-grossing films of 1984, but Prince's semi-autobiographical screen debut hasn't aged as well as its music has. The opposite is true of ...
Caption: The films of Christopher Nolan

Filmspotting 787 (07/31/20): Dunkirk (Nolan #8) / Nolan Awards (54:00)
From: WBEZ

Back in 2017, Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" made both Adam and Josh's Top 10 of the year. (It was Josh's #1.) For this revisit -- the final film in their Nolan "Oeuvre-view" ...
Caption: 'First Cow' / Kelly Reichardt

Filmspotting 786 (07/24/20): Kelly Reichardt (interview) / First Cow (54:00)
From: WBEZ

Kelly Reichardt's "First Cow" opened in limited release in March 2020—and less than two weeks later the COVID-19 pandemic shut theaters down. The film, which Adam and Josh ...
Caption: Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' and Andy Samberg's 'Palm Springs'

Filmspotting 785 (07/17/20): Interstellar (Nolan #7) / Palm Springs / Relic (54:00)
From: WBEZ

In Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," Matthew McConaughey's Cooper battles the forces of quantum physics (and regular old physics) to save humanity. In the new existential ...
Caption: 'Hamilton' hits the small screen

Filmspotting 784 (07/10/20): Hamilton / The Old Guard / The Cotton Club (8 From '84) (54:00)
From: WBEZ

The biggest movie event of the summer isn't even a movie, but the debut -- 18 months ahead of schedule -- of Broadway phenomenon "Hamilton" on Disney+. This week, Adam and ...
Caption: Top 5 Films of 2020 So Far

Filmspotting 783 (07/03/20): Top 5 Films of 2020 So Far / Inception (Nolan #6) (54:00)
From: WBEZ

It's been an unusual year for movies – and for everything else – but there's been great stuff to see if you knew where to look. This week, Adam and Josh share their Top 5 ...
Caption: John Hughes' 'The Breakfast Club'

Filmspotting REVISITED (06/26/20): Breakfast Club (35th Anniversary) / Top 5 films of 1985 (54:00)
From: WBEZ

If Josh is "the brain," is Adam... the vice principal Richard Vernon of Filmspotting? This week, they give John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club" a sacred cow review, and revisit ...
Caption: Roy Scheider in Steven Spielberg's 'Jaws' (1975)

Filmspotting 782 (06/19/20): Jaws (45th Anniversary) / Power Ranking Spielberg Decades (54:00)
From: WBEZ

A blowhard anti-science mayor ignoring the threat of a murderous invisible menace because it threatens the economy? What could "Jaws" possibly have to offer us 45 years ...
Caption: Spike Lee's 'Da 5 Bloods,' and Denzel Washington in Lee's 'Malcolm X'

Filmspotting 781 (06/12/20): Da 5 Bloods / Top 5 Spike Lee Shots (54:00)
From: WBEZ

While it's true that there's never a bad time for a new Spike Lee joint, it just happens to be an especially good time to be getting a new film from a master director who has ...
Caption: James Baldwin in 'I Am Not Your Negro' and Spike Lee in 'Do the Right Thing'

Filmspotting 780 (06/05/20): Top 5 Movies That Educated Us About Racism (54:00)
From: WBEZ

When a Minneapolis police officer killed unarmed black man George Floyd on May 25, 2020, protests broke out across the U.S. On this week's show, Adam and Josh – and ...