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Comment for "Levon Helm Rambles Home: An Appreciation (58:00 / 53:00)"

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Typically sensitive, comprehensive and loving tribute

As always, Paul seems to be jacked into the mainstream of why America's musical artists have changed our lives.

Comment for "For One Cajun Shrimper, a Journey from Despair to Defiance "

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Takes you there

I always get the feeling with Richard and Barry that they connect completely with the people they're talking to - and that they really care about bringing the message back to the rest of us.

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Clarence Clemons

Leave it to Paul to curate the best work of a musical legend - and create the pacing, and punch that would keep listeners listening for a half hour.

Comment for "The One-Room School in the Twenty-First Century"

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Review of The One-Room School in the Twenty-First Century

From the first informal note to the last emotional wrap-up, this piece is a delight. Neenah seems to find that place that we all dream about - being in the middle of a story, to gather the sound and feelings and heft of it - and yet, somehow, completely trustworthy as the objective and calm voice we listen to to guide us through the information, presented in all its variety.

But, that's too many words to say that this piece flows like a river, completely at ease with its youngest and oldest informants, introducing us to our own country in ways we've never heard or thought about.

And, gosh, it seems so effortless. But we know better.

Anybody who can should put this on the air - there's a big chunk near the beginning which will reward your listeners for listening at Christmastime, if you've got an opening right away - otherwise play it anytime in the 21st Century...

Comment for "Now He's 64: A Paul McCartney Appreciation (29:00 or 16:00)" (deleted)

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Review of Now He's 64: A Paul McCartney Appreciation (29:00 or 16:00) (deleted)

What fun! Great to hear a thoughtful, music-rich presentation of a subject so many of us care about.

I keep thinking that every example is perfectly chosen to tell the story. I'm halfway through and haven't heard from Paul himself, and I guess we won't - but that's how it was set up - a smart critic takes us on a tour of the work he thinks is absolutely worth listening to...
he surely convinces me that it is.

Quibbles - One of the greatest composers - yes; greatest singers, probably; greatest bass players - I don't know...

But - I'm impressed they're willing to stand in for the listener and express doubts about the latest McCartney stuff. Paul's best years behind him? The doc gets us thinking, and caring.