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Comment for "Happy Un-Valentine's Day"

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There's no Hallmark card for this sentiment!

Judah's deadpan delivery is a perfect match for his wry, self-depricating humor. His comical twist of vinegar is always a welcome antidote to the comericial sap and syrup of the holidays. Keep up the fine work, Judah, and good luck surviving Valentine's Day...
-Aaron Henkin

Comment for "Classical Music in 60 Seconds: A One in a Million Mozart"

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a promising new series...

David and the Listener Directed Productions crew are on to a fine new idea here, a series of drop-ins that are brief, succinct, and date-relevant... With intros, outros, and date-pegs provided, these simple and timely elements will add a little flourish to accompany radio stations' classical music programming.