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Comment for "Saving Endangered Foods"

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Review of Saving Endangered Foods

I felt that this piece was informative, interesting, and well produced. I listened to this because of my interest in organic foods, as well as my interest in short form broadcasts. I hope that program directors will play these short pieces regularly, to enhance the public's knowledge of organic and farming issues.

Nanci Olesen

Comment for "Volunteer Trail Crew"

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Review of Volunteer Trail Crew

I am a wilderness starved urban dweller. I listened to Steve's piece because I wanted to hear how he worked with software from Garage Band, which I am interested in using. I found the piece to be sound rich! It satisfied my curiosity about Garage Band, but it also drew me up a forest trail to hear information and actualities from a trail crew. Nice Work, Steve! I'll listen again for a virtual wilderness experience! Program directors: PLAY THIS PIECE! Give this same gift of information and wilderness sounds to your urban listeners!!

Comment for "Invasions of the Mind"

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Review of Invasions of the Mind

There is a Sci-Fi feeling to this piece, probably because of the tone of voice and the sound effects used. But what ensues as one listens is very different from sci-fi. Bill Paladino's "musings" on our daily thought processes, which he titles "invasions of the mind" are readily understandable and very recognizeable. He describes the guilt or questioning of living so far from his family as they age, and the loss of a girlfriend, which has left him with unanswered questions for years. He uses these topics as examples of the "invasions of the mind."

I recommend airing this piece as an interstitial during a music program or as a stand-alone late at night. The writing is excellent and the tone is at once haunting and comforting.