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Comment for "Our Time: Teens and Politics. From KUOW and Generation PRX."

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"Our Time, " Timeless

No matter when this piece was made, it is fresh, resonant. The net is thrown wide in the boots-on-the-ground reporting and storytelling. No talking heads here. The collaborative news gathering takes us inside some pretty interesting places and political positions. News you can dance to; actions & tales that motivate you, say the h.s. kids to whom we just played "Our Time". Tell us you will be back with a news recap of 2010.

Susan Stone/San Francisco

Comment for "Darkness at Midnight"

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Review of Darkness at Midnight

This is one of those topics which might end up tucked deep inside the daily newspaper, however, this topic is worthy of a major news headliner. This compact, compelling news story deserves even deeper investigation, so startling and important is the information about the loss of darkness and the environmental impact of unregulated lighting on all us living things. Scientific studies and anecdotal information are offered up as proof of earth's degradation because of its 24/7 glare, by such arresting "missionaries of darkness" as The Dark Sky Association. Let's hear more about this.

Comment for "Agnes De Mille - Gesture"

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Review of Agnes De Mille - Gesture

Miss De Mille and her rhapsodic take on The Human Gesture is but one of many significant sonic signatures I've recently discovered tucked away on PRX capable of tranforming the humdrum broadcast segue into a something that sings.

Trade in your weather reports and traffic updates (at least once a day) for these short, rich audio slivers: lovingly archived voices of muckrakers, peacemakers, artists and activists who tell us a little bit more about who they are in these wee moments, while revealing a more about who we all are, in the process. Curated, collected from various notable documentary series, and commentary, these work as fine and sure-to-be-surprising interstitial moments in the too often predictable radio landscape. Why thirst beside the fountain. Drop these in to refresh.

Comment for "Rhubarb: The Daffodil of the Vegetable Garden" (deleted)

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Review of Rhubarb: The Daffodil of the Vegetable Garden (deleted)

Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah. This is like a little movie: playful yet rich-as-topsoil in background info about that oft-maligned, misunderstood veggie in the back yard; starring enthused foodies and farmers pondering the possibilities, and test-tasters in the kitchen ready to pounce on the perfected stalks. Sweeten your upcoming broadcast salutes to summer with this little audio jewel that has fun while finding much to say about rhubarb.