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Doug the JItterbug Fan

Every show of Doug's is a joy to hear.

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Grateful for Laine's Pieces

Laine K-L does spectacular radio.

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Especially love the Underdog theme song!

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Another Wonderful Piece of my Hometown by Laine Kaplen-Levenson

Laine goes beyond the boring staid boundries of usual reporters to find the local meaning of an exceedingly important local story. I particularly like that she didn't focus on the obvious iconic building but she went across the street to talk with the neighbors and ran into the Montana family matriarch. For this important story, only Laine will capture the "WHY" of the who, what, when and why.

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CDS Memories

Yes everyone makes an audio documentary at CDS but for me, learning the craft was secondary to experiencing the best of radio for a wonderful week.

The CDS staff and nationally celebrated producers curated a week of classics radio productions for our listenings. For the first time in my life, radio wasn't a solitary experience. It was a celebration with fellow radio-philes and the leaders of the field.

Sure, I made my first and second documentaries at CDS and they were a thrill. However, I will always consider myself a listener, instead of a producer of radio and CDS was (and will be again in the future) my mecca for experiencing great radio.

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Excellent documentary

These guys consistently turn out great documentaries on topics that only regional insiders know about. They capture Americana culture that is dying for exposure and merits the highest artistic accolades yet somehow never makes it outside of neighborhood adulation. Isn't that the highest form of documentary?

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This is fun radio.

Great production to weave ideas through script and music. A bit like my hero, Charlie Brooker, but in audio.

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Zenith of Radio

A Radio Diaries piece is like the vintage 1960's Zenith portable radio I keep next to my bed - "The quality goes in before the name goes on." This is another wonderful piece from those folks with the great ears at Radio Diaries.

Comment for "Racial Cleansing in America"

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John's Eye For a Story

John has this knack for finding the obvious, compelling stories that are hidden in plain sight. More to the point, he presents stories of the forgotten people. Prisoners, the exiled, military wives, farm workers - people without a voice. With John's great treatment, these forgotten people's plights are voiced and the injustice is beautifully addressed because John's pieces don't just sing, they sing opera.

This racial cleansing story is great example of John's eye for a story. In our youth, we Americans were all taught about the Civil War and its bloody aftermath but somehow we fooled ourselves into believing that our terrible history was as far away and long ago. John's recasting of this sanitized history updates our understanding. There was racial cleansing, a Southern guerrilla movement that restored much of the pre-Civil War government, and the results remain evident today. Thanks to the clear vision of John Biewen, we can learn from the history of our country.