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Comment for "EPISODE #21 - MOTOR-CROSSING JORDAN (RADIO EDIT)" (deleted)

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This is another great episode of The Hollywood Podcast which is the real deal behind-the-curtain look at the process of making television and movies. Tim Coyne is an actor and writer and perfectly positioned to bring us this fascinating world.

Anyone who is drawn to the creative arts in general and the dramatic arts in particular will love listening to this show. There's no place else I know of where you can hear someone who is deeply into the business give it to you straight. Straight in an intelligent, funny and uncompromising way.

In this episode Tim is up for a one line part on a big network TV show, Crossing Jordan. The steps leading into this labyrinth are riveting and the outcome is pure Hollywood and Tim shows us everything without blinking.

If I was a PD I would make room for this show on my schedule. The appeal is very broad and the material rich with that juiciest of red meats, insider Hollywood culture.

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Review of Jazz Inspired - Jacqui Naylor (deleted)

Judy Carmichael's interview with vocalist Jacqui Naylor is yet another beautiful radio moment. She wastes no time and gets right down business with the easy going Naylor.

Of special interest to jazz lovers she takes a fascinating journey deep into the creative process. In this case she uncovers an unusual method that Naylor calls "acoustic smashing", singing one song while the band plays another. It's curious and astonishingly refreshing.

Carmichael covers a wide field and her thoughtful questions keep the pace moving along smartly. As a jazz performer herself she has a unique insight into the world of live music and she takes full advantage of her inside status.

A central idea here is that Naylor and her "acoustic smashing" have come upon a brilliant way to make standards truly new again. And there are plenty of examples throughout the piece to prove it.

I love the series "Jazz Inspired" and I loved this interview with Jacqui Naylor. So will your listeners.

Comment for "The Retro Cocktail Hour #416" (deleted)

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Review of The Retro Cocktail Hour #416 (deleted)

This show captures a time in music that is sweet with nostalgia and hip to the max. I especially dug the Hansel & Gretel jive fairy tale. The host is informative and fun to listen to. Just exactly the kind of thing I want to hear when I turn on my radio.

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Review of One Family of Jazz

It's a party. It's a family re-union. It's an inauguration of a brilliant new jazz room. It's maybe the best jazz concert of the decade.
This is what jazz radio should be all about. And I wonder, with all that talent bubbling up out there why can't more jazz radio sound like this?
This show is one hour of almost solid music. Great music. Ed Bradley lays on a light touch and never misses the mark or says too much. Perfect. Wynton Marsalis is equally engaging.
And what could be better? It all takes place in the House of Swank, my kinda room.

Comment for "Jazz"

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Review of Jazz

Great piece! I've said it before I'll say it again, why isn't there more original, creative, different stuff like this on the radio? Has public radio been "rutted" just like commercial radio?

One thing, why not make this longer? There's a solid enough idea to take this much further. Why not?

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Review of Love & Radio: Ghost Stories

Why isn't this and more stuff like it on the radio?

This piece starts out with a 22 second guitar/scream with no introduction at all alerting listeners that something unconventional is about to happen.

And when things finally kick off it's well worth the wait.

It makes perfect use of the aural medium called radio and creates a spine-tingling sense of dread and horror with stories and sound effects.

Great fun to listen to. Great writing. Great stories. Hey, it's great, what can I say?

Comment for "The Jazz Plan"

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Review of The Plan- Jazz

Hey I dig this show. Got some cool beats and a nice flick-o-the-wrist lightness about itself. Nothing heavy handed here.
Makes it worthwhile to be a member of PRX to be able to hear shows like this. Keep 'em comin'.

Comment for "Cocktails with Art Buchwald"

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Review of Cocktails with Art Buchwald

Great slice o' life. Terrific story about an American icon. Told in a very casual, chatty and completely captivating way.

I loved the part about not knowing what cocktail to order and how she tried to remember, from movies, what the names of cocktails were. And then realizing that she was underage and being worried about the police breaking in and busting her. Hilarious.

More, more, more.

Comment for "Sam Cooke: Bring it on Home to Me"

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Review of Sam Cooke: Bring it on Home to Me

Joanne Allen's narration of this informational piece on Sam Cooke strikes the perfect note of warmth and pathos. She's easy to listen to. As easy to listen to as her subject.

From the early days with the Soul Stirrers right up to his tragic end this story illuminates but doesn't sentimentalize the "promise unfulfilled" of this magical entertainer.

I was intrigued to hear of his early predictions of his own success, lining up popsicle sticks as a practice audience and vowing to never "work a job". He knew the paycheck system was just another way to keep you down and he vowed to never get stuck in it. He didn't.

I enjoyed every moment of this piece and look forward to more from this group.

Comment for "An Encounter With Hunter S. Thompson"

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Review of An Encounter With Hunter S. Thompson

A brilliant little window into the mad swirl that was Hunter Thompson. The narrator has obvious affection for his subject and we can ride comfortably on his coattails sneaking a peek.
This should be played every year on the anniversary of Hunter's demise.

Comment for "Nina Simone: Forever Young, Gifted & Black" (deleted)

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Review of Nina Simone: Forever Young, Gifted & Black (deleted)

Great show. Great subject. Beautiful handling of this beautiful person. I went right to my piano and learned "Sugar in My Bowl" and "Baby Just Cares for Me".

There's a stellar line-up of well know people talking about Nina and saying intersting things, not just pressing her suit and going on and on.

The whole thing is presented with perfect balance so we see the parts we know and love of her and learn enough new and intriguing things to give her even more depth and humanity.

A terrific piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you.

Comment for "The Legend of Annie Oakley (2005) (Audio Drama)"

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Review of The Legend of Annie Oakley

There's not enough storytelling on the radio. Hell, there's not enough storytelling period. It's all jokes and laughs and oh-so-dry irony, if irony can be dry. Ironing is almost always dry, but irony, I'm not sure.
Anyway, "The Legend of Annie Oakley" is a great piece and exactly the kind of stuff I'd like to hear on the radio. Not all this heavy handed pseudo-educational crap that oozes out from under every door. Let's tell some stories and make a connection. It's amazing how powerful a story in your imagination is. And this one's a good one.

Comment for "Music Will Help New Orleans Rebuild"

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Review of Music Will Help New Orleans Rebuild

Hey great piece. And a great cause that can't be mentioned enough. Everyone who has ever been to N'awlins will resonate to this piece. And anyone who has never been there will get a taste of what a special place it is.


Comment for "Active Voice Radio Interview: The Podcast of MySpace Musicans with MUSIC!"

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Review of Active Voice Radio Interview: The Podcast of MySpace Musicans with MUSIC!

Great interview and great music too. A terrific topic that is so very spot on for today's radio/audio listeners.

And the production was tight, punchy and extremely listenable. Chris has a powerful and authoritative voice that is still very easy to listen to.

I dug it from top to bottom.

Comment for "Blood Pressure Chair"

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Review of Blood Pressure Chair

Funny funny stuff. This down home humorist has a winner here. A great story told with perfect timing and an innate sense of timing. Perfectly plausible and yet riotously funny.
Let's have some more.

Comment for "The Basement"

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Review of The Basement

A man in a basement who does his thinking on his own is apt to have some interesting things to say. This one does.
"The Basement" is a snippet of a very unusual conversation and I would love to hear the rest of it. If this is a series I would definitely tune in to follow along. Anyone who can "separate the truth from the tire ads" and talk about "insufficient self esteem" probably has a lot of good stories to tell.
I'm listening.