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Comment for "Religious Bridges"

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Review of Religious Bridges

This piece underscores an important aspect of the evangelical and morman culture: witnessing. As far as it being a soft feature, it's perfect. It presumes that the listener undetstands why one religion would want to convert the other but frankly, I would have liked it to go deeper and explore why either side feels the need to convert the other. But then, it probably wouldn't be a "soft feature."

I really like how this piece underscores how each culture is searching for common ground, respect and acceptance for the other. As Ms. Rose states at the end of the piece: "Conversions are a bonus." Good point.

Comment for "Allen Ginsberg - Drugs"

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Review of Allen Ginsberg - Drugs

A brief snapshot of Allen Ginsberg's views on the use of drugs to alter consciousness and the government's intervention. Ginsberg sees that as interfering with creativity and expresses that in this brief statement. I find this intriguing for its historical value as well as its political provocativeness (is that a word?). I really appreciate this piece and look forward to hearing more.

Comment for "Downing Street Memo: Constitutional Laywer Says Grounds for Bush Impeachment"

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Review of Downing Street Memo: Constitutional Laywer Says Grounds for Bush Impeachment

This sounds like a piece that could be a foreshadowing of things to come. Then again, perhaps not, but it raises a number of legitimate questions that need to be answered. A very brave segment that needs to be aired.

Comment for "1975 Gregory Corso - The Mad Yak"

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Review of 1975 Gregory Corso - The Mad Yak

This is a wonderful moment of an important and highly underrated poet who was a core component of the Beat Movement. It would be best if you could keep the salty language in, however, if you need to edit it out (or cover it with a bleep) the piece will not lose its power. It would work beautifully in a larger segment piece about the Beat Poets. There is a sense of privilege in being able to hear Corso's voice intone, "They're waiting for me to die.." considering his terminal illness a few years ago. I can't say enough good things about this piece. Thank you Naropa for posting this!

Comment for "Sauna - Going "All The Way""

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Review of Sauna - Going "All The Way"

This piece is full of gentle humor, insecurity and the pleasant absurdity of nudity. A full Monty in all it's "fecund pendulousity." Very entertaining.

Comment for "Greeting Card to Esther"

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Review of Greeting Card to Esther

Great balance of sound and voice. Doesn’t overwhelm you with descriptions or sound sources. Reminds me how much I miss New York and how rich the soundscape and landscape is. Wonderful segment piece.

Comment for "World War One and Armistice Day"

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Review of WW-I and Armistice Day

This is a wonderful piece that I only wish were longer. The historical recorderings of General Pershing, the songs and the interview with the soldier give this piece a lot of depth. Again I really think this would work well as a longer piece as it seems to have all the needed elements in place. Excellent work.

Comment for "Norman Mailer Interview"

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Review of Norman Mailer Interview

At first I thought that perhaps the interviewer was directing Mailer too much, particularly with his first question, but it turns out that it was a really astute move in that Mailer took that question/observation and ran with it, as he did with all the questions. Setting him up with observations about his past work and tying it to the present is a great skill. I think I enjoyed the questions about as much as Mailer's answers. Mailer loves to talk and has never been shy about sharing his views. He's certainly true to form here. Excellent work. I'm sure this interview will be heard in a number of markets.

Comment for "Father's Day Tribute: Fix'er Up, Dad."

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Review of Father's Day Tribute: Fix'er Up, Dad.

This piece is straight from the heart. It has an authentic resonance that anyone who has ever reassessed their relationship with their father -- for the better -- and begins to see him with their heart instead of their head, can feel. In short, a wonderful piece.