Comments by Susan Barrett Price

Comment for "Stimulus Checks, Fort Sumner"

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Great voices

An absorbing all-too-real "vox pop" piece, especially good because of the authenticity of the voices, including that of the interviewer. I enjoyed listening.

Comment for "The Soda Fountain of Youth"

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Review of The Soda Fountain of Youth

Beautiful short piece, evocative of days gone by. Reminded me of my version of the soda fountain -- the lunch counter at Woolworths, on Grand Avenue in St. Louis. Were there ever enough french fries? Thanks for your images that stir memories.

Comment for "Girls Rock!"

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Review of Girls Rock!

Excellent piece. Great soundspace. So great to hear girls.

Comment for "Naked Barbies and Deflated Basketballs: A look inside the world of collectors"

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Review of Naked Barbies and Deflated Basketballs: A look inside the world of collectors

There are 2 kinds of collectors -- those who collect for condition (mint coins, toys in the original unopened package, vinyl records that have never been played) and those who love the energy of objects that have been thoroughly used. This piece is about the latter -- people who love the texture of wear and tear. The topic of collectors is always fresh because it is about passionate and quirky people who have created interesting identities for themselves. This would be great on the air.

Comment for "I Can't Get It Out of My Head"

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Review of I Can't Get It Out of My Head

This is a wonderful piece of reporting, combining the silliness of people remembering jingles, the vintage jingles themselves, the psychology of jingle-writing, and the status of jingles in advertising today. It is tightly edited and Paul's narration is snappy.

Comment for "The Tribe of Als" (deleted)

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Review of The Tribe of Als (deleted)

This is an engaging morning drive-time piece that will get you talking all day about first names, what they connote and whether they fit or not. The piece is well-produced and the variety of voices gives the piece a nice texture.

Comment for "Johnny Comes Home"

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Review of Johnny Comes Home

A very powerful voice, bringing news from the front - an important glimpse into the life of an ordinary soldier living with the impact of war. Would fit easily into any news magazine or soft feature hour. It is well produced, with just the right music to heighten the emotion. It could be shortened a bit, if necessary, to fit into a tighter slot without losing the impact.

Comment for "Make Way for Ducks"

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Review of Make Way for Ducks

The story is pretty silly, just the sort of thing they play at the end of the hour on Morning Edition while you're waiting for the local weather. What made it impossible to stop listening to was the skilled sound mixing -- complex without letting you lose the thread of the story. The male voice also had a nice Clint Eastwood sound that gave some heft to the piece. Nice piece of whimsy.

Comment for "Tango!"

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Review of Tango!

A very polished piece smoothly mixing narration, interview and, of course, tango music. It helps that Robin Tara has a smoky, engaging voice. Every woman of a certain age nurtures tango fantasies and here is the tale of one who pursues those fantasies and is rewarded with both a business and a man. This certainly belongs in a "follow your dream" category and will be very appealing as such.

Comment for "I Don't Know"

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Review of I Don't Know

Paul has a great voice and a very engaging style. He manages to give a lightness to some heavy-duty pondering through his folksy style. This would be a good commentary piece that would help lighten the overall tone of a program.

Comment for "Tupperware"

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Review of Tupperware

A good piece for hearing the voices of people without the mediation of a narrator interpreting and introducing. The editing is also superb, creating a richly textured and seamless experience. Tupperware had a helpful role in transitioning women from their post-WWII expectation of staying at home back to the workforce before 1960s feminism dawned. Therefore, while this piece is amusing, it could be used to balance a more serious program about 20th century women and work.

Comment for "Intimate Strangers: The Florist" (deleted)

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Review of Intimate Strangers: The Florist (deleted)

It is interesting to view life from the perspective of those people who invisibly serve us every day -- even more interesting to see how important we all are to them. (And, oh gee, I guess it might be alarming to those who'd prefer to be served by computers and would die to think someone is lingering over their little private notes.) The positive spin would be good for a Labor Day theme or for any show about customer service and service workers. The weird negative spin might be good for a show about privacy. I like the fact that it can be interpreted in 2 ways.

Technically, it is seamless. The sound is really good.

Comment for "Queer Youth Valentine"

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Review of Queer Youth Valentine

It is so important that we hear the voices of youth who don't fit the hetero mold. It is impressive to hear these kids being confident about who they are (not victimized outcasts) and having the same mix of sincerity and sarcasm common to all teens. This program would be most useful in pointing out the sameness of all kids rather than the differentness of gay kids. For many audiences, that might be the more important message.

Comment for "The Penguin Goes A Courtin'"

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Review of The Penguin Goes A Courtin'

This is a wonderful exercise in the meeting up of storybook characters within a historical time. The result is droll and entertaining. It is just long enough to set up the chemistry among the characters and ends before the whimsy gets tiresome. It suggests much, much more under the surface. Goldstein has a good deadpan voice for this piece, which keeps the tone ironic and intimate.

Comment for "Fog of War review"

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Review of Fog of War review

This review engaged my attention and helped me decide to see the movie. The choice of excerpts and quotes was excellent. The fact that Andrew is Vietnamese gives the interview a personal edge as well as lending authority to his opinions. An excellent choice for broadcast.