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Mumbai Cow Sanctuary Balances Business and Barnyard

From Katherine Davis-Young | 04:35

There are challenges to running a little cow sanctuary in the center of one of the biggest cities in the world.


India’s economic growth has slowed a little in recent years, but the country is still on track to become one of the world’s most powerful economies over the next decade. And with fast growth comes growing pains.

Among its multiplying clusters of high-rise buildings, India is home to 280 million…cows. The country's Hindu and Jain communities regard cows as sacred, so for thousands of years, the beloved bovines have been able to wander the streets in India undisturbed.

But this tradition becomes trickier in a densely populated city like Mumbai. Katherine Davis-Young found one place trying to find the right balance between the barnyard and the business.

On Halloween, some women seek alternatives to super sexy costumes

From Katherine Davis-Young | 03:34

Women's Halloween costumes are often hyper-sexualized. But not every woman wants to spend Halloween scantily clad.

Sexyhalloween_small Katherine Davis-Young speaks with Suzanne Scoggins, the creator of the website www.TakeBackHalloween.org, which is generating a lot of buzz by encouraging women to dress up as feminist heroines instead of dirty nurses or Playboy bunnies. Lisa Wade, sociologist from Occidental College, also weighs in on issues surrounding super-sexy Halloween costumes. She says sexy costumes might be a bigger societal problem than most people think.