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Howard Smith interivews Eric Clapton 10/24/1970

From Ezra Bookstein | Part of the The Smith Tapes series | 02:56

Howard Smith's interview with Eric Clapton, Oct. 24, 1970. Clapton's new band, Derek & the Dominos, will play the Fillmore East immediately following the interview.

Tst  By the time of this interview, Clapton had already been in eight bands, including the Yardbirds and Cream . His new band, Derek & the Dominos , was the first in which Clapton took the leadership role. They discuss this challenge, how Clapton recently learned to sing and the corrupting influence of money. Immediately following this interview, Derek & the Dominos are playing the Fillmore East- recorded live and released as the band's 2nd and final album In Concert.

Howard Smith interviews John Lennon & Yoko Ono 12/19/1969

From Ezra Bookstein | Part of the The Smith Tapes series | 04:44

Howard Smith's interview with John Lennon & Yoko Ono on Dec. 19th, 1969 at Ronnie Hawkin's ranch outside of Toronto.

Tst Howard Smith arrived at Ronny Hawkins’ Ranch outside Toronto to interview John Lennon & Yoko Ono on December 17th 1969. So far this month, they had already spent a week with camera crews for 2 British documentaries, released a live album, played a benefit concert in London with George Harrison, Eric Clapton and others, and are in the midst of giving dozens of interviews to promote their newest campaign for peace. Just 2 days ago they had posters and billboards put up in twelve major cities around the world which simply read “War is Over! If you want it. Happy Christmas from John & Yoko”

Howard Smith interviews Joe Cocker 11/21/1969

From Ezra Bookstein | Part of the The Smith Tapes series | 03:38

Howard Smith's interview with Joe Cocker, Nov. 21st, 1969. Riding on his new success from Woodstock, Cocker and his band return to the US for a quick tour-this interview coinciding with a performance at the Fillmore East.

Tst It’s November 21st , 1969. After a long summer of playing music festivals around the States, Joe Cocker topped it off with his iconic performance at Woodstock. He’s been touring with long-time cohorts, the Grease Band, but this collaboration will soon be coming to an end. In 2 months, Cocker will return to the US with a new backing band led by Leon Russell. The legendary Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour will play 48 cities in 59 days and the live album from it will be one of Cocker’s best.