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Playlist: Shannon Service's Portfolio

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Museum of Broken Relationships

From Shannon Service | 04:30

When Paul Simon outlined "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" 35 years ago, it turns out he missed a few. There are well over 400, in fact, as bagged, tagged and now displayed in The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. I traveled to the museum and filed this report.

Thumbnail_for_mbr_small The Museum of Broken Relationships is the creation of a young Croatian couple that broke up. As they began the arduous process of dividing up the relics of their 4-year relationship they hit a stumbling block: What to do with their Little Wind Up Bunny. The bunny had no monetary value, but when Olinka came home late from work, she'd find the bunny marching in circles in the entryway. The bunny had emotional weight. The question of the bunny led to a small local exhibit of breakup items which quickly mushroomed into a four year global tour and over 400 items. All are now carefully displayed in an old Austrian palace in Zagreb.

I traveled to Croatia for the opening of the museum, interviewed the couple that started it and got some reactions from the museum's first patrons.