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Playlist: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow- Phil Mariage's Favorites

Compiled By: Phil Mariage

Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock Credit:
Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock

The only program dedicated to the preservation of comparative generational thought.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Series)

Produced by Phil Mariage

Most recent piece in this series:

Female Sex Drive

From Phil Mariage | Part of the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow series | 51:26


This program topic is Female Sex Drive, which follows the male version aired a month ago. Sarah Kellogg, KUAR's morning news program host is sitting in for Phil Mariage giving this an all female voice to this discussion. The guests are...UALR Associate Sociology and Gerontology professor, Dr. Rosalie Otters...from UAMS Dr. Chelsea Wakefield she is an Associate Professor and Director of the Couples Center at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences....and UALR Biology student Amber Atkinson. With this program we have both the male and female generational perspectives on Sex Drive.