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Refusenik Love

From Jonathan Hirsch | Part of the ARRVLS series | 16:42

Like many Soviet defectors, Olga left a life behind when she emigrated to the U.S. in the early 80's. This episode of ARRVLS tells the story of love lost and found across time politics, and the world.

Refusenik_love-03_small During the 1970's hundreds of thousands of Russian nationals migrated from their home country. Many left in protest to the policies of the Soviet regime: the antisemitism, the curbing of civil liberties, the jailing of political dissidents. And while it was possible to exit the country, it was for a long time, almost impossible to return. Refugees from this era in Russian history are sometimes referred to as Refuseniks; a nod to their refusal to live under the authoritarian conditions of the time.