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Produced by Lizzy Cooper Davis

Other pieces by Lizzy Cooper Davis

Summary: Two minutes with Vincent van Rhyn, a Christmas tree seller in Brooklyn, NY.

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Nicely done

Intro is a bit tough to understand but it really is a nice little story for the season and has a nice punch line

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Review of Brooklyn Christmas Tree

I loved it! It was simple, charming, and amusing. And best of all it was done in 2 minutes. Great work!

Review of Brooklyn Christmas Tree

The first tease of tape, was a little hard to understand. I liked the background sounds of traffic and car alarms. The tree seller was warm, and likable, and the end punchline was really great.

The Louis Armstrong song was neat at first, and then a little distracting, especially once the tree seller started talking about travelling around the world. You felt like he was in a different place, and you wanted the music to either end, or change, to reflect the transition in topic.

I wanted a little more from him though! It's a nice short piece, but I wanted to fill out the Christmas-tree selling part of his job first, before we get to the Buddhism stuff. I thought it could have easily been a nice 4-6 minute little feature.

Fun & Seasonal!

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Review of Brooklyn Christmas Tree

Short, sweet and very original....