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Produced by Created by Dan Bernard and Michael Townsend and Presented by New Adventures in Sound Art

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Summary: "all commercials, all the time"

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Review of It is To Laugh - Business as Usual

You have to admire the hard work that went into this program. Highly produced, energetically acted mock radio ads--one after another. After another. The ads are deftly done and some are clever, but so are many actual ads on commercial radio and TV. Offered a chance to sit down in front of 22 minutes of those ads, most of us would find something better to do.

These satirical ads are reminiscent of those sprinkled through A Prairie Home Companion. These are shorter, more like real 30- to 60-second ads, and more likely to carry a (predictable) political message, lampooning greedy banks, tobacco companies, the U.S. military, macho trucks and George W. Bush. Tucked in between musical performances and meatier sketches (as on A Prairie Home Companion, Saturday Night Live or the Letterman show), the occasional satirical ad might bring a smile. But I've never heard of a program comprised entirely of such bits. I'm afraid this show isn't likely to start a trend.